What kind of design to decorate a modern kitchen. Country, Provence, high-tech or minimalism?

Modern kitchen has long ceased to be a space designed exclusively for cooking. People are paying an increasing role to the aesthetic component of this room. Therefore, today a lot of attention is given to the choice of style for kitchen interior design. In accordance with the current fashion trends, designers recommend to give preference to the classics, high-tech, minimalism or Provence. These four styles for the design of the kitchen space at the peak of popularity, and due to their diversity, they allow you to meet the wishes of people with different tastes and financial capabilities.

Kitchen design in classic style is always a good solution

The main feature of the kitchen in a classic style is its organic. Every detail in this space is in its place, has a clear functional purpose, and at the same time makes its “highlight” in the overall aesthetics of the “picture”.

The characteristic features of this interior should include:

  • the presence of facades made of natural materials (or their high-quality imitation);
  • a soothing color palette;
  • variety of decorative elements.

The lion’s share of the classic kitchen interior is furniture. Preference should be given to spacious headsets, beautiful facades which will be able to hide all the many attributes for cooking and table setting. The furniture in olive, beige, cream or blue shade fits best into this space.

“Chip” design are considered to be handles, processed, bronze or copper. All details of the classic kitchen interior should overlap with each other color or decor, so it is recommended to pay special attention to the choice of textiles and finishing materials.

Country or Provence – what style to give preference to?

One look at the interior of the kitchen, someone will determine it to Provence, the other person – to the country. Among themselves, these styles are really similar in many ways, but there are also significant differences. Country tends to all natural, functional, it is unacceptable pretentiousness and brightness. Massive, good-quality furniture for the kitchen in that style should contain a minimum of decorative elements, priority for it are considered “warm” colors – beige, sand, light brown, etc. Textile addition to the interior is welcome, and it is good if its design will be present characteristic prints – cage, strip, polka dots. Most often, the country style is used for kitchen spaces in villas and country houses, but it can fit perfectly into a standard apartment.

Provence style in the kitchen space is designed to bring elegance, simplicity and ease. An important detail – this interior necessarily implies the presence of bright, natural light.

To create a cozy atmosphere of this French Provence fit:

  • elegant furniture sets on legs;
  • walls covered with paint or whitewash;
  • textiles with embroidery or ornaments;
  • porcelain or ceramic figurines, panels, vases, etc.

The most preferred for the design of the kitchen in the style of Provence are considered restrained, but subtle shades – ivory, lavender, sea wave, milk. Fresh flowers in the interior should be added at any convenient opportunity.

High-tech and minimalism for kitchen interior – distinctive features

These two styles in the design of kitchen interiors began to be used relatively recently, and they can be called a tribute to modern fashion. High-tech is an absolute Association with advanced, most innovative technologies. This style tends to simple, concise forms, panoramic lighting. “Favorite” materials of the kitchen interior – plastic, glass, metal. With regard to the choice of color for the room there is an interesting trend: furniture, walls, decoration – everything can be kept in an identical pastel shade. With the zoning of the kitchen, there will be no problems, since it will be fully provided by numerous halogen and led lamps located at different levels.

The homeland of minimalism is called the United States, the distinctive features of the style are rigor, clarity of lines, complete rejection of decor, rationality. In the design of the kitchen space should prevail “cold” materials or high-quality imitation – concrete, metal, glass, plastic, stone. Designers recommend to pay special attention to the furniture of the kitchen in the style of minimalism. Most pertinently it looks modular, roomy headset with solid fronts. They should hide not only all the kitchen paraphernalia, but also the maximum amount of household appliances. Minimalism is designed to create a realistic illusion of limitless space, not burdened with banal objects.

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