Visit Ivanka Trump: apartment with a nice interior and a good view

Gold? Lots of gold? No! This apartment Ivanka Trump you will not see. Around designer furniture, a lot of iconic things, but most importantly — a beautiful view from the window. The funny fact is that when Ivanka trump bought a house in Manhattan, her main request was “Closer to the office and work”, but not 100 points about convenience.

Ivanka in respect of the interior is very attentive to detail. As her decorator, Kelly Beehan, says, she could stop at one point, drop everything and make a decision in a second.
The very first item that Ivanka Trump chose for her apartment is an unusual chandelier from Lindsay Eidelman in the dining room.

2 months Ivanka herself personally went and checked how the painter did the work and constantly asked for something to fix. After the birth of her daughter, she realized that it was useless.

The apartment in all rooms except the children’s hang paintings by contemporary artists.

Lounge Chair lounge Chair, design by Charles and Ray Eames — one of those items that you 100% know and probably nothing more, because many things were made specifically for the order.

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