New great trends in Bedroom Design in 2019

Thinking of updating the bedroom? This article will help you understand the trends in the world of design, which will soon be at the peak of popularity.

However, interior fashion-2019 is able to inspire even unscheduled changes in the atmosphere of intimate space.

1) Grey only

Gray color is able to change the home space for the better. It is practical and neutral, does not get bored for a long time and brings stylish notes to the interior. This color is so versatile that using different shades of gray, you can make not only the bedroom, but the whole interior. This technique is especially loved by architects, because it allows you to select or hide some areas of space, give the prospect of a small room and visually increase it.

2) Non-Standard combinations of materials

The combination of leather, brass and marble looks unusual and new, so trendsetters predict its popularity this year.

Such natural materials will not fit into every budget. An alternative may be eco-leather and polymer compounds that mimic marble. The main thing-to withstand the soft colors.

Another important combination of leather and textile. In General, the fashionable interior of the bedroom implies a non-trivial combination of materials, so any experiments are only encouraged.

3) Rich color scheme

Many believe that only pastel shades are acceptable for the bedroom. But more and more designers create interiors in caramel, ruby, crimson and even black colors.

4) 60’s Spray

Other designers have gone even further in the choice of colors: along with a return to the natural motifs are used very bright colors — yellow, blue, purple. This color palette was at the peak of popularity in the 60s-70s.

5) Back to basics

The predominance of natural materials and natural colors is now in trend. As for the materials used in the design of fashionable interiors, flax, cotton, leather and wood will be relevant in 2019. It is desirable that their texture was as close to natural, that is, with a minimum degree of factory processing. This also applies to the intensity of their color. Pay attention to the materials, aged in restrained shades of blue, green, brown, gray.

6) No borders

The open-plan bedroom is rarely found in homes in the post-Soviet space. But in Western countries to see the bedroom, even combined with a bathroom, is quite real. This option is suitable for fans of free movement around the apartment, which for a sound sleep does not need the perfect silence.

7) Original headboard

To decorate the bedroom headboard, you can use the most unexpected materials. This year, more and more common version of the design of the wall at the head of the bed with open books.

8) Flight of fancy

In order for the bedroom to fit on a few square meters, you need a creative approach. In fashion trends perfectly fit the interior of the bedroom on the podium, which is equipped with a spacious storage system. This method of zoning is great for small Studio-type apartments.

Another option for small homes — sliding partitions that separate the sleeping area from the rest of the space.

9) Compact, miniature

Get rid of luxury boudoirs area of several tens of square meters no fashion trends will not force. But if you have a small room or even a sleeping area in the Studio apartment, it’s time to celebrate. Trends welcome non-standard solutions that help to equip compact bedrooms on a minimum area. A few partitions in the corner of a large room or Studio apartment-and the fashionable bedroom is ready.

10) The Triumphant return of the sofa bed

The actual interior of the bedroom involves the use of universal solutions. What could be more practical than a sofa bed? After all, this is a universal solution for a small home, where during the day the bedroom, in which there is a sofa bed, can be used as a living room. This furniture will fit almost any interior style. The main thing here is to remember the first trend and choose a model of neutral colors.

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