The Paris Studio interior of 25 square meters, which is quite spacious

In small apartments the main thing is not to overestimate the area and choose the right furniture. In this Paris apartment is home to only one person, so that the area is enough for him. But even if we have to live with a young family without children, 25 sqm, to be missed, not to feel embarrassed.

Development of apartment design was engaged in the company Transition Interior Design. As the budget of repair was limited, ordered as budgetary things to save, and those which could place the corresponding accents in an interior. Items from IKEA and Boconcept were used.

It was important to create 25 sq.m. two areas — living room and bedroom, so the designers decided to make a dividing element in the form of shelves. They are immediately perceived as a wall and as a place to store things. thus the bedroom was almost isolated.

If you look closely at the double bed, you can see the podium. It is hidden additional system storage.

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