The design of the nursery room for two girls (30 photo ideas)

To equip the room for two children – a question not from simple and if it is a question also of girls – a task is twice complicated. In addition to beds and desks, the little lady will need quite extensive storage systems that can fit a wardrobe, various decorations. To all this will be added the question of color and style decision when the girls will have to come to a common decision. To simplify your task, dear parents, we have collected a lot of recommendations that will help to make the nursery for two girls beautiful, cozy and functional!

What to consider?

When planning the design of the children’s room for two girls, it is necessary to take into account a lot of things, starting with the definition of the room where to equip them with a girl’s mansion and ending with age interests, individual characteristics. To facilitate the work, we advise you to listen to the following tips:

  1. Try to allocate for the babies the biggest room in the apartment that there was a lot of place for all functional zones.
  2. Choose only the most necessary furniture – extra items will clutter the space. You can use transformable structures, various sliding systems.
  3. Use large mirrors in the room – girls will surely like it. In addition, the mirror surface visually increase the space. They can be present in the wall version, the dressing table, and on the doors of the wardrobe.
  4. Create each child his own corner in the room with the help of partitions, curtains or racks. So children will be much more comfortable to do their personal Affairs.
  5. Choosing the color of the room, focus on the wishes of both children, you can arrange areas in different shades, combining them with a common idea, for example, the same furniture.

Color solution

Choosing a color in the nursery, it is important to consider the location of the room relative to the cardinal points. If the Windows face North, it is necessary to abandon the cold bright colors in favor of warm light – they will help to make the room more spacious and airy. And, on the contrary, for the South side, where there is enough natural light, you can choose a colder shades.

A good choice will be a solid color design in bright colors, against which will look great bright furniture and accessories. From the color palette for the design of the room two girls are ideal white, pink, lilac, cream, green shades. Individual contrasts can be created using yellow, purple, orange colors.

Choose the interior style

Children for two girls – an excellent field for the realization of any creative ideas. Here are going to catch a lot of thematic and stylistic directions. Little lady can decorate the interior, taking as a basis the motives of fairy tales about the Mermaid, snow white, to equip a real Princess castle. The basis is taken, most often, pink tones, which complement the thematic Wallpapers, furniture in the form of castles, carriages and other relevant attributes.

Making out the nursery for two girls, you can turn to the classics, which combines exquisite comfort, age-old traditions and tranquility. Classic style is good because it makes it possible to decorate the room, regardless of the age of children. Light and warm colors of decoration, solid wood furniture, crystal chandeliers, rich textiles – all this fills the room with comfort and abundance.

Provence is an ideal option for romantic girls ‘ rooms. Here you can not do without a lot of small floral prints present in the light finish and textiles. Of particular interest is the light furniture with a pronounced wood texture and elements of aging, conveying the spirit of the French provincial life.

More cold and restrained may seem at first glance Scandinavian style children’s for girls. But, if you look closely, you can see how white and gray tones of design are enriched with home comfort due to the significant presence of wooden elements in the decoration and furniture. This child will always look bright and spacious.

Minimalism can also be “inscribed” in the interior of the nursery, especially since many modern teenage girls much more like a balanced environment without frills. A room full of light tones, functional furnishings and almost completely devoid of scenery can be the best solution for a small apartment.

Finishing material

For the children’s room, if possible, give preference to natural finishing materials. By applying different colors and textures, you can adjust the geometry of the room in the desired direction.


The floor in the nursery is better to lay a warm material, such as Board, laminate or parquet. If the room is small, lay the material diagonally – this technique will visually increase the plane. It can be additionally equipped with a built-in heating system. Special comfort will give soft mats in the sleeping and playing areas.


The design of the walls is given special attention, as they act as the main canvas against which the further situation will be formed. The best choice here will be Wallpaper that will create both plain and colorful interior. With the help of patterns and lines, you can adjust the space – horizontal stripes visually expand the room, and vertical – lift. In some areas, you can make accent areas, pasting them themed Wallpapers.


Take as a basis for the design of the ceiling surface drywall. It can be used to make a perfectly flat surface or stepped design that will highlight the functional areas and install spot lighting. Will look beautiful stretch fabric, especially glossy, giving the room light and space. Depending on the style, you can choose a canvas with photo printing, for example, in the form of sky blue, butterflies, flowers or abstract patterns.

Furniture for children’s room

In the nursery for two girls try to use each square meter as economically as possible. Consider transforming beds and pull-out tables. As a storage system, you can choose a narrow but high wardrobe, separate modular elements, as well as use the built-in drawers under the beds. Young children can pick up the whole complex, which includes beds in the form of houses, lockers.

Sleeping place

For two girls, you can buy a bunk bed, which will help to save room space or two sets of “loft bed”, where the lower territory will be occupied by desks and lockers. The arrangement of beds depends on the geometry of the child.

In the square room of the crib set along two opposite walls or in the far corner of the room. In a rectangular room, the bed can be installed “train” along the long wall or perpendicular to it. An interesting solution is the organization of a high podium with roll-out beds. In this case, the podium is equipped with a training area with two desks, and the remaining area of the room is equipped with a game.

Another option to consider is the bed, which with the help of the lifting mechanism, hide in the closet. Using this furniture, you will make the room much freer in the daytime.

Working/studying area

If your little girls are Schoolgirls, you should especially carefully approach the arrangement of the territory where they will be engaged. Most often, it is equipped near the window, where bright daylight. It is possible to establish along a window sill a long Desk behind which daughters at the same time will be able to take place. Perhaps a more correct and economical solution would be to increase the area of the window sill.

In the square children’s room, in addition to the beds along the walls, you can install desks closer to the window. In this case, the girls will not be distracted by sitting with their backs to each other during classes.


For young children will need a fairly spacious place to play, which can be organized due to the lack of a working area. Lay here a warm Mat, put a small Bungalow, house or tent.

Girls really like a variety of themed toys, such as a hairdresser with a table and a make-up mirror, a doll house or a kitchenette. For toys do not have to install cabinets, it is easier to use open shelves or now popular wicker baskets, decorative chests. Designate boxes with special stickers on which girls will be guided where whose storage of toys – it will accustom them to order.

For older children, you can arrange a sports area, and teenage girls to install a dressing table here, where they will be happy to dress up.

Lighting and decor

For children it is important that the room received as much natural light – the sun’s rays not only cheer up and improve the immune system, but also make the situation more cheerful. Give up thick bulky curtains in favor of light canvases, tulle. You can hang on the window blinds, blinds, which will help to protect the room from direct sunlight in the summer.

Of course, we need to work on artificial lighting. Good light in work and play areas is important for children. On the Desk you need to install a lamp that will create a comfortable environment for classes. Highlight the playing area with bright pendant lights. The best option for Central lighting will be spot ceiling lights, evenly distributed throughout the room. Optionally, the night lamps.

A variety of “girly” accessories – soft pears, bright Ottomans, a vase with flowers or a pretty vase, photos, posters with your favorite idols, as well as crafts made by yourself will help to revive the children’s room. If children are small, you can use bright vinyl stickers for decoration, which are easy to change with the growth of children.

Design of kids room for two girls — photos

In conclusion, we invite you to visit our photo gallery. Here are many real-life examples that will help create a truly exciting design of a children’s room for two girls. Watch and be inspired!

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