The design of the nursery room for two boys (33 photos ideas)

In a family where two boys grow up, it is not always possible to allocate each of them a separate room. Often, two owners have to get along in one child, which causes many problems. Constant stay of children in close conditions may eventually affect the psychological state is not for the better, causing irritability and depression. To avoid this, parents need to properly equip the nursery, give it light, space, make the most comfortable and functional. This is what we will talk about in our today’s article and look at the photo-examples of successful planning options.

What to consider?

When planning the arrangement of the nursery for two boys, try to choose for them the largest and brightest room in which you can place all the necessary functional areas. If the room is adjacent to the loggia or balcony, you can try to attach them fully or partially by removing the glazing. Having warmed the territory, on it it is possible to place a training, game zone or storage system – then in the room there will be more space.

Think carefully about what the boys will really need, given their age and Hobbies. Try to use in a compact and transforming furniture – all kinds of roll-out, folding system of beds and tables will save space.

Choosing the style of design, it is necessary to take into account the wishes of both children, to agree with them the color palette, the location of zones. Try to buy the same furniture sets for children – so the room will look much more harmonious.

Children’s room for two boys is desirable to be divided into zones. If children are still very young, enough color design, emphasizing, for example, the playing area with Wallpapers with images of cartoon characters. Above the beds you can set photos or decorative inscriptions with the names of the owners. Older children are recommended to allocate their territories, delineating beds with a partition, a rack or curtains, so that each boy can create his own comfortable zone.

In the development of the stronger sex sports plays an important role, so do not forget about the sports area for children. You can install a Swedish wall, a simulator, a basketball Hoop (if space allows) or a punching bag – the choice depends on what the guys are fond of.

Color solution

The color palette of the room for two boys will depend primarily on personal wishes. However, it is worth considering the amount of natural light penetrating into the room and the size of the room. If the Windows face South, you can use a darker and cooler tones, and for the Northern room, it is better to give preference to light colors.

In addition to the standard blue shades, the nursery for boys can be decorated in gray, beige, white, green, adding accent brown and black colors. Even a noble Burgundy color will perfectly fit into a boy’s slum.

In many ways, the color scheme is determined by the selected style. For example, the marine theme is characterized by white and blue tints, and the racing room can be decorated in bright red colors. For adult classics are characterized by light pastel shades, and the loft will surprise you with its dark, but at the same time, quite warm palette.

Interior style

Choose the style of children need to work together with children, taking into account their wishes. Accordingly, to choose color space, furniture, and plays the major role decorative details and finishing materials, textiles, and accessories corresponding to the particular direction.

Thematic design of children’s room for kids

Kids will surely enjoy the marine-style interior with wooden decks, rope ladders, steering wheel and wall images of the raging ocean.

No less interesting is the room racers with cots-racing cars, images of dynamic tracks, road signs and other attributes. Current sports theme, for example, a room of football players, basketball players etc play the main role of the sports equipment that will decorate the room. But it will also be useful for the physical development of children.

Children’s room for two boys in English style

For the interior in the British style is characterized by warm colors – brown, deep blue, green, red, which, depending on the size and placement of the room relative to the cardinal points, may have a darker or lighter palette.

It is important to introduce as many prints and stories associated with Foggy Albion as possible: images of the British flag, big Ben, red double-Decker buses, logos of famous English musicians (Beatles, Freddie mercury, etc.). As finishing materials good wooden floors, Wallpaper in vertical stripes, heraldic elements.

Children’s room for two boys in Scandinavian style

Nordic style can be the best solution for a small room for two boys. Light (white, gray) tones of finishing materials, the absence of curtains and unnecessary decorations make the interior light and airy. At the same time, the room is not deprived of home comfort due to the inclusion of bright accents, and most importantly — a large number of wooden elements in the furniture and decoration.

Children’s room for two boys in high-tech style

High-tech is a popular direction among young people today. As preference is given to laconic design in cool shades, the style is better to use for decoration of rooms of teenagers. Here you can find finishing materials of the latest generation, cutting-edge technology, a lot of glossy surfaces, echoing the originality of the forms of furnishings.

Children’s room for two boys in loft style

The attic style is renowned for its eccentricity, a certain brutality, with “domesticated” traits. The main background is created by finishing materials that resemble the appearance of untreated surfaces — brickwork, beamed ceilings, solid wooden floors. Solid furniture and various metal structures will successfully complement the interior. Along with this, the children will look quite warm and cozy thanks to the introduction of colorful decor elements and accessories in the form of floor mats, paintings, posters, soft toys.

Finishing material

The choice of materials for finishing children depends largely on the style of the room. It should also take into account the age category of children and the layout of the room.


If possible – try to insulate the floor in the children’s built-in heating system or soft Mat. As the main coating, you can choose laminate, parquet or thickened linoleum. Visually expand the area of the room will help diagonal drawings or cell.


The walls in the nursery can be painted, Wallpaper, plastered or decorated with wall panels, endowed with a certain texture, for example, imitating wood or brickwork. Especially popular in children’s Wallpapers that can set the thematic tone of the room. Plain design of the walls is also a good option, which makes it possible to “show” itself to the bright elements of furniture and decor.


In recent years, the ceiling surface is made out of drywall. With its help, you can create any smooth and stepped structures, allocate functional areas. Additionally, you can use stretch fabric, which can be glossy, matte, patterned or without, imitating natural materials.

Furniture for children’s room

We have already said that for a child with several functional areas you need to choose only the most necessary and, if possible, multifunctional furniture. Storage systems can be under bed`s boxes, compact modular elements (cabinets, chests of drawers) or a high wardrobe, which will accommodate the things of both guys. Do not forget about the training area, where you need shelves, shelves for books and textbooks.


Choosing a bed for boys, consider their age characteristics. A loft bed or a two-tier design allows you to save useful quadrature in the best way, taking it under a sports corner or a game room. But the location of the child on the second tier is only allowed with 6 years. Kids can install large beds along the wall or opposite each other, depending on the layout of the room.

An excellent solution will be the purchase of a whole set, which is installed along one of the walls and includes immediately sleeping beds and a variety of storage systems.

Consider purchasing transformative models, such as a wardrobe bed or a roll-out bed on the catwalk. Then in the daytime the bed will disappear from the eyes, leaving free space for children to play.

Work area

The working area for two boys is better to equip near the window, where it is light enough. Put one long table or extend the plane of the windowsill, and the side walls are equipped with bookshelves. If the size of the room allows, you can place two separate learning areas with tables and lockers – then the children will not interfere with each other during classes. This option is good, for example, in the organization of a high podium with roll-out beds.


Select one common area for games or sports, cover it with a Mat that will mark the area and make it more comfortable. One of the walls paste over the “fun” images or slate Wallpaper on which to draw.

Place here sports equipment corresponding to the age of the kids. If there is enough space, you can install a small house or tent – children really like to equip your little world.

Lighting and decor

For children it is important that the room had good lighting. First of all, this applies to natural light, so give preference to light curtains, tulle or short roll designs, blinds, which will protect from bright sunlight.

As artificial lighting, install a chandelier or spot ceiling lights, add table lamps in the study area, night lights – in the bedroom. Playing area also does not hurt to further illuminate.

The number and type of decorations in the nursery depends primarily on the age of children and the style chosen. The kids will be the main decoration of the room colorful toys, Wallpapers with thematic images, cartoon characters. The teenage room is characterized by more restrained style solutions: photos or posters on the walls, sports accessories or musical instruments, depending on personal preferences.

The design of the nursery room for two boys – photos

To sum up, we offer to visit our photo gallery, which contains many successful examples of design of a children’s room for two boys. Enjoy watching and inspiration!

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