The apartment is 39 square meters with a glazed bedroom and a stylish gray interior

Smart planning, noble interior colors and many details make this apartment special, unique and memorable.

You should pay attention to the following details:

  • stylish glass partition between the bedroom and living room, which expands the small room;
  • spot lighting, for example, over the table in the living room or over the cupboard near the kitchen. There are no Central ceiling lights in the apartment;
  • open niche for bags and everyday things in the hallway:
  • reduced working area in the living room, which does not take up space;
  • curtain in the dressing room instead of the door, so as not to create additional obstacles;
    sustained in strict style bathroom where no bathroom, but because of save space with a shower cabin;
  • place in the kitchen used to the ceiling with a decorative area for drawing.
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