The apartment is 17 square meters in Taipei. Small but beautiful

Apartment 17 square meters — is by the standards of ordinary apartments — a standard room or living room. But micro-apartments are one of the largest segments of real estate. Most people are forced to look for solutions for living in micro-areas. In the case of this apartment, it was possible to place everything compactly and create a really cozy interior.

The owner of the apartment is 17 square meters often travels and stays in different types of apartments, but return in Taipei (the city where lives the hostess) she wanted to have a place, however modest, but that it contained in itself everything necessary for life. Designers were able to combine a small area pleasant combination of materials that make the apartment more airy and free. See what a nice combination of natural wood with white walls and concrete tiles.

The wardrobe, which is located in the main part of the room, additionally serves as a Desk. The size of the table is enough to put a computer, notebook and even a Cup of coffee.

The apartment uses any free space. Under the stairs, which leads to the mezzanine, there are storage boxes. Near the door to the bathroom, the entire free area is equipped with cabinets and shelves. Since the usual door was not possible to install, it was necessary to mount the sliding — they are more compact.

As you can see the kitchen is as narrow as possible. There’s enough room on it just to make a meal. Opposite the kitchen is the entrance hall and the main wardrobe. All this is built into a single narrow system to save space as much as possible.

In the mezzanine there is another workplace where you can work sitting, bending your legs and a full double bed. Of course, the height of the ceilings is not enough to get up, but it does not bother the landlady.

The bathroom is very small, but as in most Japanese, Chinese and Taiwanese houses there is a compact bath, not a shower.

Pay attention to the mirror in the toilet, it is not only created to visually expand the space, but also to have in the room at least one full-length mirror.

Throughout the apartment neatly placed flowers in small pots. They dilute the white-gray interior, making it more comfortable, calm and emphasizes the naturalness.

The apartment is 17 square meters, though compact, but comfortable. Despite the difficulties with space and lack of space for ordinary things, as a normal table — it’s a great place to live for one person who is building a career and constantly traveling.

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