Terracotta color in the interior – more then 15 design photos

Terracotta color is sure to appeal to those who appreciate something earthly in the interiors. As we know from the Latin terra is “earth”. Terracotta color, which is also called the color of baked clay is often used in interiors where the owners want to make the room calm, sincere and down to earth.

Terracotta color gives the room warmth, especially when the color is combined with sunlight and the interior is filled with warmth of different shades of terracotta. The uniqueness of this color in its versatility. It is perfect for both bedroom and bathroom or living room.

It is interesting that many psychologists advise terracotta color for the decoration of the premises. This is the color of positive emotions, smiles and tranquility. Returning home after work in the terracotta interior, you will immediately receive a relaxing dose of this color.

We picked up 20 photos, where the terracotta color in the interior looks great. Get inspired by these photos to upgrade your premises.

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