Small living room design (28 photos)

In small apartments living room renovation causes a lot of problems, because this room is most in need of a competent design. There are quiet family evenings, guests gather for celebrations, and sometimes business negotiations are conducted. Each apartment owner understands that the living room is a business card that demonstrates good taste and material prosperity. But what to do if its size does not allow you to install chic furniture and decorate the interior with rich decor? In this article we will consider how you can turn a small living room into a stylish, comfortable room that can become a real pride of their owners.
Increase the space

Repair of a small living room should begin with the consideration of opportunities to increase the area. This can be achieved by combining the room with adjacent rooms. The easiest option is to connect to the layout of the loggia or balcony. However, it will be necessary to further insulate the attached area, but it will be a great place to organize a dining room, a desktop or a corner with chairs and a coffee table. Attaching a balcony, often demolished only window and door frames, and part of the wall is converted into a bar. The opening can be beautifully beat arched vault, creating a decorative highlight in the interior.

More troublesome, but effective option to increase the space – combining the living room with the kitchen. In this case, you can not do without zoning – to separate the working area from the guest can be using finishing materials, lighting or furniture in the form of a sofa or bar. One-room small-sized apartments are often converted into Studio apartments, where almost all interior partitions are demolished, except for the bathroom. This room will look bright and spacious.

If there is no possibility or desire to engage in redevelopment, you can use techniques for visual expansion of the room area. To do this, choose light colors of finishing materials, install only the necessary interior items, give the room a variety of light sources. Glass and mirror surfaces help to make the space easier and free: glossy stretch ceiling, lacquered furniture facades, mirrored wardrobe doors, glass tables, shelves.

In a small living room it is possible to “push” and “lift” the walls due to the characteristics of finishing materials. One of the walls can be decorated in a solid dark color – it will give depth to the space, making an accent. The same effect is created by Wallpapers and large prints. Placing patterns on the walls vertically will create the illusion of a high ceiling, and horizontally – will expand the plane of the walls. Such techniques can be combined in a single room. Small drawings, as well as located in a diagonal order create dynamics, ease of the situation.

Color solutions for a small living room

A small room will look much more spacious if you choose a light palette for its design. Dark tones are also present in the interior, but not as the main background, but as auxiliary elements that focus on a particular area.

You can use white color, which visually expands the space, gives a feeling of purity and freshness. Against this background, any dark and bright details look harmonious. White can emphasize the cool tones and muted warm, marshalling the situation.

More comfort and warmth of the atmosphere will give beige tones, creating a neutral background for a confidential conversation. In such an environment, you can relax and rejuvenate after a hard day’s work. At the same time, beige palette perfectly in harmony with any cold and warm colors that help to diversify the interior, make it more dynamic.

The base color for the design of a small living room can be gray, which is very popular among modern designers. It is perfectly suitable for any style decision, and using its various halftones, you can create unique fashionable interiors. Best of all against the ash palette look pastel colors, but bright contrasts will join no less harmoniously.

For registration of a small living room can be used and color solutions, making the room in blue, light green, lemon, pink colors. The introduction of their brighter shades should be moderate and combined with a white palette.

Finishing and materials

The modern market is full of various materials for interior decoration, and for the living room, which has no microclimate, you can choose absolutely any. But it is worth considering that in small rooms it is better to avoid decoration trim that will steal part of the space, such as plasterboard walls or PVC panels installed on a metal frame.


On the floor it is better to lay a warm material, such as laminate or linoleum compacted. Self-leveling and granite coatings are also used, but they are quite cool, so you need a warm carpet. If the living room is combined with any other premises, you can create different combinations of materials, highlighting areas.


For the walls in a small living room, there are many options for decoration. In most cases, the choice depends on the personal preferences of the owners, style concept and financial capabilities. Before finishing the wall must be carefully aligned and eliminate the existing defects. They can be pasted over with Wallpaper, combining plain and patterned surfaces, painted, decorated with decorative plaster or PVC panels. To accent the areas of artificial stone, Wallpaper, and cork, leather and canvas.


The easiest way to design the ceiling – sheathing plasterboard sheets with subsequent painting. You can use stretch fabrics, especially good in a small living room will be glossy coatings that create a reflective effect. With the help of drywall, you can create a variety of stepped structures, allocate functional areas.

Furniture for small living room

The choice of furniture for a small living room is an important point that requires special attention to detail. It is important to prioritize and select only the necessary elements. Mandatory interior items are a sofa, chairs, TV panel.

You can buy a transforming coffee table, which, if necessary, turn into a large dining room, install a modular hanging set with glossy facades. If it is impossible to refuse a case – give preference to a compartment design with mirror doors. For some styles (classical, Scandinavian) a good solution will be the organization of a false fireplace.

Lighting and decor

In a small living room lighting should be intense enough that no corner is left without attention. You can arrange multi-level lighting: install a chandelier, spotlights, hidden lighting around the perimeter of the ceiling and local illumination of individual zones, for example, a floor lamp or sconce at the sofa, hanging appliances over the bar.

Decor should not oversaturate a small room, so as not to make a mess in the situation. Choose the details that match the style. In any interior will be appropriate live flowerpots, bright decorative pillows, family photos. You can use decorative finishing materials as decorations: volumetric or patterned Wallpaper, fabric fabrics, photo images, etc.

Interior styles

For a small living room it is very important that the situation was the most orderly, so you need to choose a certain style direction. We propose to consider several options that perfectly fit into the conditions of a compact hall.

Small living room in minimalism style

Perhaps the best option for a small living room is not to find. Minimalistic direction, scored a lot of popularity in recent times, suggests a bright interior, providing only the useful pieces of furniture. Clear lines and correct geometric proportions of all the details, the lack of decorative excesses – such brevity does not prevent the interior of the living room to be cozy and friendly.

Small living room in Japanese style

The interiors of the people of the Land of the Rising Sun – a combination of Japanese traditions and European practicality. The premises are quite popular natural motifs, as the philosophy of culture is based on the harmonious reunification of man with nature. In the design of the preferred natural colors and materials, landscapes and natural ornaments.

Living room furniture in Japanese style is limited by the presence of extremely functional squat objects. The spirit of Japan is the perfect accent hanging chandeliers-lanterns and traditional Shoji partitions or reliable simulation, the bamboo covering the walls, philosophical utterances made by the characters.

Small living room in Scandinavian style

The Northern peoples, who due to climatic features lack sunlight, most needed and need bright spacious rooms, which clearly confirms the Scandinavian style of interiors.

Here are welcome bright colors finishes, among which the leading position is occupied by the white palette. Ethnic orientation is emphasized by deliberately rough finish – the walls are plastered or decorated under brickwork even without prior alignment, the ceiling is whitewashed, and the floor is laid with a wooden Board (can be replaced with laminate or parquet). Special coziness and warm decorative elements: pillows, mats, wooden furniture, green pots.

Small loft style living room

Fans of the extraordinary design of your home should pay attention to the loft direction in design, where you can find an amazing combination of careless finishes, antique furniture with modern products of technological progress.

Here is the place to see the views of the interior, as well as made his own: a small living room in the loft style can be decorated with a coffee table, knocked out of pallets or boxes, an old shabby wardrobe or chest of drawers, floor carpet, originally from the last century. A special “factory” atmosphere is created by finishing materials: brick, concrete, wooden walls, high plastered ceilings with metal lamps.

Interior design of a small living room — photo

Further acquaintance with what can be the design of a small living room, we offer to continue in our photo gallery. Here we have tried to collect the best examples of interiors that will inspire you to your own design project. Enjoy watching!

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