Small bedroom design. 20 finished ideas

If you are the owner of a small apartment, but want to have a cozy and unique interior that reflects your lifestyle, the best solution is a creative approach to the design of your bedroom.
We offer you design options for a small bedroom, which will combine functionality and comfort, aesthetics and comfort.
To make your bedroom meet all your requirements, you need to follow a few basic rules that will help solve most of the problems associated with the size and functionality of the room.
Using simple techniques in the interior design, you can achieve excellent results. As a result, you will get the perfect space that combines comfort, functionality, the right color scheme, comfort and harmony in the lines and details.

The combination of gray and white in the interior of a small bedroom will visually expand the space and create a stylish and modern image.

It is possible to give uniqueness to an interior by means of simple reception which is used even by recognized designers – to place emphasis on a bed headboard.

The bedroom in white color will fill the room with perfect purity of lines, and bright prints will help to give the room individuality.

The bed, located at the window, will free the Central part of the room and give you the opportunity to enjoy the beauty of nature.

Bright colors in the decoration of a small bedroom combined with original and bright decor elements will make the room very cozy.

Very good in the interior of a small bedroom soft pastel colors. They will help to create an ideal place to relax and add volume to the room.

Raised bed increases the functionality of the room, and bright textiles will emphasize your individuality.

Dark finish in a small room is not prohibited, and in combination with the white color it gives the room chic and sophistication.

The option of using the upper space of the room, for a bed, will increase its functionality twice and add originality to the interior.

Contrasting elements in the white room will create a bright and modern design of your bedroom.

Original furniture and brightly decorated headboard can transform the space and create a special atmosphere of comfort in the bedroom.

White color, combined with decorative elements, art Nouveau, abstractionism or other fashion trends, in the form of paintings or photos will transform your bedroom and will not take a lot of living space.

Using contrasting wall panels for finishing the interior of the bedroom, in combination with a bright screen, you can differentiate the space and preserve functionality.

The use of glass and mirror objects in the interior of a small bedroom is a win-win. They visually make the room lighter and more spacious.

Do not give up the different shades of red in the interior of a small bedroom, because in combination with the color beige, they are able to create a romantic and non-trivial interior.

All shades of blue in combination with original accessories will revive the image of the bedroom and bring a touch of novelty.

Highlight the wall-a bold decision that is suitable for those who like bright images in the interior.

Dilute the white color of the interior and add comfort to help bright accents in the form of cushions and other elegant decor elements.

Using compact and functional furniture can optimize the space without spoiling the interior.

Using unusual methods of furniture arrangement you can not lose space and Express your individuality.So, the bed diagonally-unusual, bold and original.

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