Rococo style in the interior – modern style

Rococo style in the interior is a continuation of the natural Baroque style, and it appeared in the early 18th century. In this style direction created Royal bedrooms and living rooms, as well as Palace chambers and reception rooms. The Rococo created most of the Catholic cathedrals that only enhance their splendor.

Today, designers still turn to this style, performing in it modern Studio apartments, living rooms of country houses, restaurant rooms, Banquet halls, hotels.

Rococo style: rules of design, photo solutions

“Rococo” – is not just a style in the interior, it is a separate direction in art, which takes its roots from the beginning of the 18th century during the era of Louis in France. From French, the term means – curl, shell, which fully defined the feature of the direction. It curls, shells – this is the most popular patterned motif in Rococo.

Characteristic features of Rococo in the interior:

  • The color scheme of the premises, which is based on a combination of pastel colors with a white tint and notes of gilding.
  • The presence of stucco and stucco drawings on the walls, ceiling, window openings.
  • Decorative finishing of each piece of the room, including furniture, decor, textiles, drawings, patterns, stucco, mosaics, embroideries, gilded elements.
  • Multilayered expensive textiles used in space.
  • Filling the room with characteristic furniture, where there is artistic carving, inlay, gilding. Upholstery, preferably made of expensive silk patterned fabric.

Rococo was successfully used in interior design in many European countries of that time: it was France, Spain, Italy, Bavaria, and Germany.

Most members of the aristocratic clan and intellectuals built their country houses, cottages in this style. In addition, the summer residence of the ruler was also taken to perform in this direction. At that time it was also called “exaggerated Baroque”.

Living rooms, chambers and reception was altered under the luxury of the room became more comfortable, lighter.

Even at the origins of the style it was fashionable to use Chinese motifs in the interior – paintings, decorative items, dishes, etc. But the relevance of Chinese notes have not lost to this day.

Passion for martial arts, Chinese food, traditions, hieroglyphs can make a fashionable and unique interior in the Rococo style.

The modern interior is not so lush and exuberantly use Rococo elements, but you can easily recognize it: it is thin, bending legs of furniture, heavy curtains with lambrequins and Chinese porcelain.

Rococo interior design

To embody the Rococo style, you need to understand in which rooms it is better to perform and how to organize them.

To organize rococo you will need an ordinary, standard room, where low ceilings, a large area and there is symmetry.

In this direction, modern designers perform bedrooms, bathrooms, offices. But most of all the style is read in the spacious living rooms, rooms, public facilities.

The Rococo bedroom is a spacious bright room with mirrored surfaces, a boudoir table and a bedside sofa with curved legs. These rooms look respectable, chic and cozy.

To properly form the space in the room, you must observe some factors:

  • Decorative items should be evenly distributed around the perimeter of the room. If numerous mirrors, sets, vases, dining sets will stand close to each other, it will be more like a Museum hall.
  • Finishing of the ceiling and walls is made in General, and then complemented by stucco or mosaic.
  • To emphasize the style by using patterns, patterns on fabrics, curtains and walls, and also make use of ornate chandeliers and mirrors.
  • Meet Rococo in the interior of the underground passages, in the old buildings of the institutions or palaces. In addition, there it was preserved in its original form, without modern mites.

The color scheme of the style and characteristic patterns

If the interior design in the Baroque style was characterized by the use of saturated colors, in Rococo there are only pastel colors.

For decoration of living rooms, bedrooms are ideal combination of colors of white and gold, white and blue, light green and pink, pale shades of pink, blue, green and white combined with sand and gold.

The continuation of the Baroque was reflected in the painting of the walls. At the same time, patterns and drawings contained not only mythological themes. In Rococo, most of the paintings contain scenes of human relations, the theme of love and friendship, the relationship between a woman and a man. For Rococo style is characterized by the image of clouds, angels, heaven.

Basic patterns in Rococo:

  • Patterns in the shape of the ear, shells, which are used in various variations, performance.
  • Cartouches, which are used to decorate the walls and it was framed by various curls. Usually, cartouche used in furniture theme, which give it the shape of the back.
  • Image of angels.
  • Drawings of flowers. The flowers were painted in real colors, or were framing in gold.

Interior design in the Rococo style in a modern performance does not Shine so bright colors. The main colors, which are the basis, remain white and gold, but the bedrooms are recommended to perform in sandy, cream colors.

The design of the walls in the Rococo

The walls in the Rococo style is a work of art. They are decorated with stucco, mosaic, hand-painted, paintings, decorative elements, mirrors, silk Wallpaper. Usually the plane of a wall divide into several fragments, and everyone separately fill with the finishing.

To do this, in modern design used:

  • The layout of stucco, paintings, mirrors and decorative elements.
  • Matte water-based paints are used as a finishing material.
  • Silk panel can be replaced with velour Wallpaper with ornaments of flowers.
  • Instead of plaster elements use polyurethane.

In order not to engage in long-term wall painting, use stencils, decoupage technique, Wallpaper with characteristic motifs.

To divide the walls into fractions, perfect reception with a horizontal line. At the same time, the upper part of the wall can be filled with mirrors or paintings, and the lower Wallpaper with a pattern.

Ceiling finish

The ceiling in the rococo style needs to be filled with luxurious, rich.

Repeat the unique design can be by following these techniques:

  • Low rectangular ceiling should be painted in one tone. Around the perimeter to put the cornice with a convex pattern. In the center of the ceiling is placed a gold-plated socket, from which the volume chandelier is started.
  • As well as with the walls, the ceiling is divided into sections, and each is decorated with a separate decorative reception. In the center place a chandelier on a long suspension bracket with a set of bulbs.
  • If you want to make the high round ceilings, here choose the painting with the angels and a heavenly theme, and the angles and framing are decorated with stucco. Stucco can smoothly move from wall to ceiling.

Floor covering

Unlike the walls and ceilings, the floors are designed more restrained. As a finish, the best option would be parquet, laminate, tile or art parquet. At the same time, the coating should be accompanied by a characteristic Shine. The bedrooms and living rooms have carpets with decorative patterns on the floor.

Rococo furniture

It is soft furniture that helps to bring Palace color to modern interiors. As a rule, it is made in small sizes, has a beautiful design and comfortable design.

Rococo furniture is a riot: sofas, stools, armchairs, couches, benches, chairs with high backs, beds. They can be distinguished from other furniture by: artistic carving, curved legs, silk upholstery, floral ornaments, gilded elements.

Items are made of natural wood – walnut or Linden.

The choice of textile in the room in the Rococo style

Rococo textile differs from its predecessor in that it has no dark shades and is not so heavy. At the same time, the shape and volume is preserved. The Windows should be selected voluminous, wavy curtains with pelmet. And on the bed will fit quilts with elements of embroidery.

Decorate the dining area should be tablecloths, matching the tone of upholstery chairs. On the sofas, you can place pillows with decorative inserts or hand embroidery.

How to decorate the room in rococo style

Decorative elements should be chosen quite carefully, while remembering that too many items should not be. Over decor is able to distance the interior of the room from the true style of the medieval era.

The main decor of this style:

  • chandeliers;
  • gold plated watch;
  • porcelain figurine;
  • tapestries;
  • mirrors;
  • porcelain doll;
  • painted vase;
  • pictures.

Selection of lighting

The choice of lighting to recreate the Rococo, should be approached very responsibly. There is no place to be spot lighting or small chandeliers with one or two lamps.

To convey all the luxury style, you should give preference to three-dimensional crystal chandeliers with lots of lamps or chandeliers with long pendants. It all depends on the height of the ceiling and the area of the room.

In a modern version, the Rococo style is a minimalist version of the luxurious design of the past, which is perfectly combined with the classical or French style. Even small living rooms, bedrooms or studios are easy to perform in Rococo if you stick to the basic features of the style.

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