Relax at home: the atmosphere of a Spa in your own bathroom

If you do not have time to periodically relax in the Spa, you can create an atmosphere of Spa at home. And with the money saved, you can still buy yourself masks, bath oils and scented candles.

We confess that sometimes, when you really want to take a break from work, we look at photos of expensive spas and think, as ever will also bask in a bath of milk and Lotus petals. But the reality is that everyday life is unlikely in the near future will let us go for a few hours to enjoy the rest, which also will cost as a down payment on the car. So instead, we create a Spa at home-you can spend once, but your personal Spa will work for years.

According to Houzz’s 2017 bathroom renovation trends study, 37% of people in Russia who have recently renovated or are renovating their bathroom now said that they are choosing a bathroom design and look so that it can create a Spa atmosphere and help them relax at home.

Today we will talk about how to create a relaxing atmosphere in your bathroom as a total repair, and just right folded towels.

1) Add warm wood and natural materials

The shade of warm wood creates a minimalist bathroom atmosphere of relaxation on a tropical island. To be even closer to nature, try to stick to natural materials — natural stone or, for example, tiles “pebbles” on the floor. If you do not want to completely pave the floor under the pebbles, you can put it in the shower. Try to pay attention to the overhead sinks — this is a good opportunity to add to the interior of natural materials, such as stone.

2) “Hang” shell

Overhanging cabinets under the sink create a sense of infinite floor and expand the space. The whole room looks more spacious and open. In General, there is no need to strive to create corners and walls where they were not originally installed.

Give more air to the room, then it will be easier to breathe.

3) Show content

If the lockers and cabinets you are things that look good, then try to keep them in sight. Beautiful jars, neatly folded towels, napkins or various little things in beautiful baskets — such fullness creates comfort, but it is important to keep these things clean and tidy, otherwise the comfort will quickly turn into chaos. By the way, it is really convenient to keep clean towels folded and stacked on top of each other. This visually looks better than just a stack of towels, and takes up less space.

4) More white

No wonder the white color pushed the favorite beige in the bathrooms. According to Houzz research, white is still the most popular color for cabinets, countertops and bathroom walls, it is chosen by 58%, 48% and 24% of people in Russia for these elements. And right, because the bright white color is the best creates a feeling of relaxation. And, for example, white tiles from floor to ceiling visually increases the size of the room.

5) Use glass

Transparency also creates a sense of spaciousness. Separate shower room part of a fully transparent partitions. Thanks to that bathroom will appear larger shower will not consume the visual space. If you like purity and transparency, stop the choice on the invoice, the shell made of transparent glass.

6) Immerse the bath

Build your bath right into the bathroom floor so you can go down into it. The alternative is to build a platform and build a regular bath in it. It feels like you dip into the Jacuzzi after a relaxing massage.

7) Choose a stylish toilet

Yes, the phrase “stylish toilet” is not such an oxymoron. Suspended, shaped like a hat box or the famous Japanese, capable of much more than just draining water — these are just a few of the many options on the market.

8) Do not forget about the view from the window

Obviously, this is a very dramatic example, but even a small window near the shower or bath will allow you to relax and enjoy the view of the street while you wash. If the location of your bathroom is such that, opening the Windows, you risk to pass for the whole street exhibitionist, then choose a glass that transmits light, but does not miss the curious looks from the outside.

9) Pay special attention to cleanliness

If you enter the Spa, where towels are folded in any way and anywhere, it is unlikely that you will like it and, quite possibly, will not allow you to relax during the massage. Follow the same rules in your bathroom: store items in baskets or cupboards and fold towels carefully.

Ideally, it is better to buy fluffy white towels, but if this is not possible, then just give preference to towels of the same color.

10) Buy fluffy white robe

The gown should always be at hand on the hook. You can hang it on the door if the bathroom is small and can be reached from the shower or bath. Focus on your convenience. And if you want to achieve a complete resemblance to the Spa, then get white fluffy Slippers.

11) Live fire and flowers

Put a pot of Orchid in the bathroom. These beautiful exotic flowers can be bought even in the grocery supermarket, but they will delight you for months. No matter what size your bathroom is — you can always create an atmosphere of relaxation with the help of candles. Dim lights, candles, the smell of flowers and a hot bath with lavender oil — this may be the best end of the day.

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