One-bedroom apartment in loft style with (40 square meters) interior design

Studio apartment in loft style for a young man who still lives alone. You can replace that because of the low ceilings the apartment looks quite normal, but thanks to the proper work of designers, it got the right style direction.

Since the one-room apartment had to make it visually larger. Look at the place where the bed is located. There is a mirror on the ceiling, which visually increases the space and raises the ceiling to create the necessary illusion.

This one-bedroom apartment in loft style, once again proves that even in small rooms you can do something industrial, especially if you choose the right solutions and materials.
Regarding the materials used in the interior are mainly substitutes for concrete, wood and iron. This made it possible to create a special interior with a factory character, where bare concrete is connected to brick walls, and beams under the ceiling are created, not for decorations, but to withstand the load of floors above. That is, it would be possible to describe a real loft, but in this Studio apartment, most solutions are created for the correct visual enjoyment and do not carry anything useful, except as a decorative function.

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