One bedroom apartment design in the modern style of the 60’s from Respix Studio

The dream of any book lover is an apartment with its own small library, with an armchair and a banquette, where you can comfortably sit for a few hours, plunging into the next journey of the heroes of your favorite book.

On the ceiling there are many lamps to each piece of the room was well lit. In addition to the main upper light, the apartment has several spot areas with floor lamps, for example, near the chair and sofa.

The division into zones in the apartment is completely conditional. The living room is seamlessly intertwined with other functional areas.

You may notice that the kitchen is divided into two parts. The first is a cooking area and a small dining room, and the second part is a storage area, where there are cabinets, refrigerator and oven.

It is also worth paying attention to the area, which is practically not used, but created for visual differentiation — a place to work and access to the balcony.

The apartment has a lot of storage space-a wardrobe in the hallway, a wardrobe near the shelves and a large area with cabinets near the kitchen.

Instead of doors, it was decided to use a curtain, which is easier and not cheaper.

Modern workplace can be mobile, so it was allocated a very small piece in the apartment. You can work in an armchair, at the kitchen table or lying on the sofa.

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