Nursery room design ideas for boy and girl

Small apartments often do not allow to allocate a separate living space for each family member, and children have to get along in one room. The question of children’s planning is much more complicated if the kids are also of different sexes, with radically different interests. To provide a brother and sister a comfortable stay within the same room, try to think carefully about the future design, choose the right color and style, get acquainted with the methods of zoning, the choice of successful furniture and arrangement of the play area. We will talk about all this in today’s article!

Choose a color

Come up with a color scheme for a child’s boy and girl – this is perhaps the most difficult moment. There are two main options – a neutral palette or selection of zones using contrasts.

The first option involves the design of the room in white, gray, beige or green. This method is the most practical, as it allows you to place children not only of different sex, but also age. In addition, there will be appropriate furniture of any contrasting colors.

If you decide to emphasize the difference between girls ‘and boys’ interests features of the color palette, select the paint that you like, not only you, but also by the inhabitants of the room. Not necessarily it will be the standard blue-blue and red-pink tones.

For the territory of the girl you can choose Sunny yellow, purple, orange halftones. Mark the boyish zone can be fashionable now gray or brown colors. In this design, it is very important that these two zones are combined with each other, have unifying elements.

A good option would be bed textiles with the same print, but different palette or furniture from the same collection. It is possible to allocate one game territory, having issued its neutral paints.

Zoning of children’s room

Everyone needs a personal, even small, space. While the kids are still very small – they get along together in one open room, play together and are not afraid to go to bed. With age, each of them have their own interests, classes, so they will be much more comfortable if every corner is separated.

You can zone the room with the help of a rack or Cabinet, while also receiving a storage system. Sometimes use sliding screens or doors. In the spacious children’s room you can build a plasterboard false wall, but only if each small room will have its own window opening. The easiest option – canopies around beds made of thick fabric or curtains.

Style for nursery room for boy and girl

Another difficult question – the choice of style that will appeal to both children. Here it is necessary to choose something from neutral directions, as thematic (for example, the corner of the racing driver and the castle of the young Princess) will be difficult to combine in one space.

A good option would be eco-style, which will bring children closer to natural conditions. The room will look natural and unusual – the presence of natural materials, natural green, heavenly and beige tones, images of wonderful representatives of flora and fauna, even made by the hands of young artists, will turn the interior into a cozy home.

Children’s room for a boy and a girl can be decorated in the style of Provence. It is quite easy to translate into design: use natural and pastel colors of finishing materials (white, olive, pink, lilac, beige), floral prints, wooden, slightly aged furniture, a lot of textiles and pillows.

For a small room, you can choose a minimalist design, where lush decor gives way to a functional environment. This does not mean that the room will be cold and boring — bright accents in furniture and textiles will greatly enliven the interior. At the same time, light solid wall decoration will make the space of a small children’s room lighter and airy.

For a classic design, you can choose light shades of cream or olive color. It is appropriate good-quality wooden furniture, rich textile design, as well as such decorative elements as a luxurious chandelier and stucco.

Finishing and materials

For children need to choose more practical finishing materials that are not afraid of frequent cleaning. This question is most relevant if the room is inhabited by toddlers,preschoolers who love to display their creativity on the walls.


It is desirable to equip the floor in the children’s room with a heating system – young children like to play on the floor, and teenagers often walk here barefoot. As a coating, choose a laminate or hardwood floor. Suitable and linoleum, and carpet is better to refuse, as it will accumulate dust and dirt.


The walls in the nursery can be covered with Wallpaper. Today, the market offers a huge range of fabrics, from which you should choose washable or under painting. With the help of drawings, you can easily adjust the geometry of the room.

For example, if you have a child’s narrow and long, paste over the large wall Wallpaper in a horizontal strip – they visually expand the plane. Vertical patterns can make the ceiling visually higher. A good solution for the wall of the playing area will be slate canvases on which you can draw with crayons.


With the help of drywall and stretch fabrics, you can create a completely unique design of the ceiling surface, as well as zone the space of the room. The color of the coating should be combined with the color of the room. Using Wallpapers, you can make it in the form of a heavenly surface, add a hidden backlight.

Furniture for boy and girl nursery room

First and foremost, it should be noted that furniture should not threaten your child. Give preference to models of beds, cabinets and other items with rounded corners, which the child will not get hurt during active games. High pieces of furniture need to be securely fixed floor and wall mounts.


In a room where there are several zones, it is better to install compact or transformable beds. For very small residents suitable beds “for growth”, which are able to increase the area of the bed over the years.

Children who have reached school age, will love the two-level system of beds, which, at the same time, will save a lot of space. Also good option would be modular sets, the set which includes all the necessary for the nursery pieces of furniture. You can choose two sets of different colors – they will create a harmonious balanced interior.

Older kids offer the installation of a system where the bed with the help of a lifting mechanism hidden in a closet or folding sofas. You can hide the beds in the bowels of a high podium, and turn the steps into spacious drawers for linen and other accessories.

Study area

Consider the option of purchasing two sets of “bed-attic”. They are convenient because the space under the bed is rationally used to accommodate a Desk with tables and shelves, as well as storage systems in the form of a wardrobe and drawers-steps. By installing such furniture, you will leave free all the rest of the space of the room, where children can play and be creative.

The study area can be arranged in the form of a large Desk – long enough or wide enough where children can sit opposite each other. The first option is more convenient, as the table can be installed along the window or one of the walls. Consider the option and angular design.

Play area

Game it is desirable to lay a warm rug for games, to put a small table with chairs for creativity. Not be amiss to open the rack for toys or a common sports area. Make a play area taking into account the wishes of the child. If he really likes to draw – decorate the wall with slate Wallpaper or install a drawing Board. For toddlers-preschoolers place here a decorative house or tent, because children love all sorts of nooks.

Lighting and decor

Children need to provide enough light – one chandelier and natural light is not enough. Take care of the availability of lighting in all areas. At a minimum, the room should be table lamps, hanging sconces or night lights at the head of the beds, lamps over the play area. Beautiful pleasant night illumination can be created with the help of fluorescent Wallpapers, which in the daytime will be a real decoration of the interior.

Without decorations in the children’s boy and girl can not do – they will help to personalize the functional areas, make them more comfortable and stylish. You can hang over the headboards of the beds colorful letters, of which will be composed of the names of their owners, and on the floor lay bright rugs of contrasting colors. Little kids will love the color lockers, drawers and shelves: pick up the furniture for the boy in blue, and for the girl – in red. This move will greatly simplify the cleaning and enrich the room decorations.

Hang each child on the wall a wooden Board for applications, drawings and other hand-made articles, and fill the shelves with your favorite toys.

Nursery room design for boy and girl — photos

When deciding on the arrangement of a children’s room for a boy and a girl, take into account the personal needs and preferences of children. To inspire you to create a beautiful, cozy and comfortable environment will help photo gallery, where we tried to collect the best examples of finished projects. Enjoy watching!

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