Modern new York loft of LYNCH / EISINGER / DESIGN. 83 sq. m.

The Central element of the loft is a cube, which is slightly raised above the wooden floor. In the cube there is a bedroom, a wardrobe, and on the back side, which joins the living room, built-in kitchen.

In the living room there is an extra bed in the wardrobes, in case someone wants to stay for the night. In another part of the white Cabinet is hidden workplace. In those moments when the Cabinet is completely closed, it can serve as a projection screen. If the owners want to use two zones at once, thanks to the long partition, no one will feel uncomfortable.

No doors in the loft. To delimit the zone used blackout curtains. It’s not very good as a sound-proofing tool, but as a design solution — the right budget move.

The loft area of 83 sq. m. and the design solution that used LYNCH / EISINGER / DESIGN in the loft to create a complete feeling of freedom.

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