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Traditionally, the living room was a place to receive guests. But in modern homes in this room you can often meet the owners themselves, who relax after a working day in front of the TV, read books from the home library or spend time with family. To create a favorable environment for any kind of activity, you need to take into account many aspects of the design of the living room, which will be discussed in this article.

Interior style

First of all, you should start with the choice of style. This is an extremely important stage: it affects the design of the whole house, the center of which is considered to be the living room. Weigh all the pros and cons of space, size, location of Windows, height of ceiling, and also planning to stay at the perfect option.

Living room design in classic style

Modern design must follow the needs of the time, and if any style lags behind this rule, it is modified. That is why the classic in the form in which it was seen by the aristocrats of past centuries, today is rare — it is impractical, prohibitively expensive and difficult to implement. What should focus attention in such interiors — so it is on comfort, quality materials, good-quality furniture, noble decor, as well as a sense of space.

It is recommended to choose a classic style for living rooms with a large area or, alternatively, combined with the kitchen. A prerequisite are large-scale Windows that allow enough light to emphasize the natural colors, texture of textiles and noble texture of wood, which is an important component.

Pieces of furniture should create a certain compositional integrity. In the center is usually a sofa and a few chairs, which are placed around the coffee table. Often in the interior of the living room in a classic style you can find a fireplace — real or decorative. But with the technique should be more careful, if possible hiding it behind the facade of the Cabinet.

Living room design in Provence style

This style has common features with the classics, but differs from it decorative simplicity, pastel colors and light provincial charm. Despite the fact that Provence came to us from French villages and is more often used in the interiors of country houses, today it is becoming increasingly important in the space of urban apartments.

Style tends to all natural, so, together with the light and space in the design of the living room you need to “weave” as many natural materials. Wooden furniture with an antique touch, which is painted with white paint, as well as textiles made of linen or cotton look the most harmonious. Small trinkets, like ceramic vases, statues, family photos, only emphasize the cozy atmosphere.

Living room design in minimalist style

Being the complete opposite of the above styles, minimalism gives decorative effect to the sacrifice of practicality, as a result forming a kind of “silent” aesthetics of forms and lines. If the classic is not different indulgence to the shortcomings of the interior, the modern trends tend to hide or transform them.

The color scheme consists mainly of several neutral colors, close to the natural palette: white, black, gray, brown. Glass and metal are used more often than in other styles. But the minimalist interior of the living room can not be called uncomfortable or cold, just as a means of expression is the geometry of objects, texture of materials, light and space.

Loft style living room design

It’s amazing how uninhabited space has become a popular place to live. Loft originated in the inhospitable walls of abandoned industrial buildings, but today it can be found in modern comfortable apartments.

The initial conditions of the living room for interior design in loft style are key. It is desirable that the brickwork of the walls, which is brought to the fore, looked carefully, otherwise you have to spend energy to create the desired texture. Not the last role is played by the layout, which should be as open as possible. A great option if the living room is combined with a kitchen or bedroom.

In this room, be sure to place a large number of seats: leather sofas and armchairs “antique”, which would line up around the coffee table. The priority is modular furniture with a simple geometric design, as well as unique decorative elements, such as posters, figures, art objects.

Scandinavian style living room design

Functional minimalism with subtle features of a traditional Swedish house-perhaps this is how you can characterize the Scandinavian style, which is now gaining popularity. The room, decorated according to its principles, will be cozy in winter, cool in summer, but always comfortable.

Someone may think that the interior of the living room in the Scandinavian style looks sterile-mainly because of the white color, which, like snow, “covers” almost all the space. But it is necessary to add wooden furniture, fluffy carpets, paintings or a fireplace in the room, as this inhospitable whiteness “comes to life”, giving way to a sense of purity and spaciousness.

Color solutions for the living room

The mood and character of the interior always depends on the color scheme. But even with one shade can be difficult to determine, not to mention the harmonious combination. Consider the most common options for the design of the living room.


Some Housewives may say that white is a very impractical color, which immediately noticeable the first traces of dirt. But, first-this figure depends on the material, and secondly-in terms of color it is considered a universal option for design.

White color in the living room can be used as the main motif or serve as a background for bright details. Moreover, it is the key color of Provence, Scandinavian style, and is often found in minimalist interiors.


Stylish solution for which shades of the same color are taken. Living room with this approach does not look boring or faceless, as it may seem at first glance. Just to say that one purple about 50 shades, for which one room is not enough.

Contrasting color

To create accents in the design of the living room, you can take one or more bright colors that stand out against a more muted background. For example, the contrast of furniture and walls, pillows and sofa, several types of decoration.

Pastel colors

Pastel shades-a fashionable approach to design, which allows you to diversify the color of the interior, while not oversaturating it with bright colors. Often used in Provence or modern solutions, creating a romantic, calm mood.

Natural shades

One of the main trends of this year is a return to nature, which implies the use of natural materials in the interior design of the living room and, accordingly, the most natural for humans range: green, sand, shades of wood, gray, blue.

Living room decoration

Despite the fact that each style provides its own requirements for the decoration of the living room, a few recommendations will help to choose a practical and aesthetic option.


As a flooring is better to use resistant to external influences finishing materials, the purity of which is easy to monitor. The most budget, universal options-parquet or linoleum. If the living room is combined with the kitchen, you need to think about a solution that is suitable for two zones. However, in the lounge floor is often covered with a carpet that hides design flaws.


To the wall covering in the living room, in addition to decorative, rarely put forward specific requirements. Smooth solid walls are the perfect background for filling the space. If you need to diversify, the Wallpaper has a wide variety of colors, textures and patterns. By means of decorative plaster it is possible to imitate natural materials, and the panel covering is capable “to revive” an interior. If you can not stop at one option, they can be combined.


Much depends on the height of the ceiling — if it is more than three meters, you can think about suspended structures that are used to install built-in lighting, overlapping surface flaws, zoning and create a unique appearance. In other cases-it will be enough just a smooth light coating.

How to choose furniture?

The choice of the subject filling of the living room is related to its size, the number of residents and their needs. But traditionally it includes a sofa, one or more armchairs, a coffee table and a wall. They form the compositional center of the space, and the rest of the furniture is added optionally.

Often the room includes cabinets or shelves with books — a kind of home library. With an open plan in the living room can accommodate a dining table, but it refers to the area of the dining room, separated, for example, a sofa.

The design of objects depends on the chosen style. For the classics are characterized by glass facades of cabinets or doors with frames, sofas on curved legs with textile upholstery. The opposite minimalism prefers smooth smooth facades, which often form a monolithic structure, more down-to-earth furniture, as well as modular models.

When placing furniture, you need to pay attention to the geometry of the room. When the square layout of the living room, the main furniture ensemble is placed in the center, and when rectangular — along the walls to make room for movement.

Decor and textiles

It is difficult to provide specific recommendations about the decor, because, as in the case of furniture, much depends on the style chosen. We will only mention a few elements in the interior, which have wide decorative possibilities.

First, curtains – these pieces of fabric not only hide you from prying eyes, but also create a cozy living space. You can stop at the transparent curtain, choose a massive textile with lambrequins or buy Roman curtains.

Stylish look bright pillows on the background of monochrome palette of the rest of the space or carpet with geometric patterns. The living room is an ideal place for a fireplace, not necessarily a real one — today you can buy or make your own beautiful imitations.

Along with the pictures do not forget about the shelves, which can be decorated with figures, framed photos or flowers. And don’t forget, the more plants the better, especially in polluted cities.

Small living room: interior design

Add additional square meters of a small living room is unlikely to succeed, but to improve the situation with the help of small tricks on the forces of each. So, if you want to visually enlarge the space, you should:

  • Choose a light range that does not create boundaries, and fills the room with light;
  • Stop on the light curtains or even abandon them;
  • Choose a compact furniture and arrange it in accordance with the geometry of the room;
  • Use hanging shelves instead of bulky cabinets;
  • Limited to a small number of decorative elements, leaving room for”air”.

Following these recommendations will turn your “small” living room into “compact” and “cozy”.

Living room design photo

We have made a photo selection of real projects to show you the possibilities of modern living room design and inspire the transformation of your space. Enjoy watching!

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