Living room in two colors: photos of original interiors designs for Your flat

Living room-a room where most people are in the daytime, because it is here to spend time with friends, guests or relatives. The main task of the owner is to create a warm and cozy atmosphere, which can be realized with the help of a combination of Wallpaper of two colors.

The combination of Wallpaper in the design of the room will not only emphasize the furniture, but also to place the right accents that will attract attention. With the help of two colors you can zone the space, divide it into functional zones.

Rules of combination

It should be noted that during the creation of a stylish and practical interior of the hall or living room you need to choose the right colors for the combination, as well as the need for preliminary preparation.

The basic rules of combination that must be considered mandatory:

  1. Decorative elements should be combined with the main color.
  2. You need to determine the type of texture.
  3. It is necessary to choose a picture, pattern and ornament that will decorate the Wallpaper.
  4. Will have to think of the right combination of Wallpaper and color in interior and furniture. Curtains should be in the same tone with the Wallpaper.

As soon as a clear picture of the future interior was made, you can do a combination of Wallpaper. Now designers offer several ways and techniques to create combinations of two colors. It is best to initially consider the entire interior in all its details. The more carefully the design is thought out, the more successful the end result will be. Combining Wallpaper is better to do after buying furniture and basic elements of the interior, as Wallpaper should not only be harmoniously combined with each other, but also to emphasize the overall style of the room.

The most original option will be the right combination of contrasting colors of different textures. You also need to focus on the compatibility of the color palette, so that the interior is perceived organically and “does not cut” the eyes. If you choose the right color palette, you can successfully zone the room, a positive aspect will be the presence of reliefs that can be used.

Picking up Wallpaper of two colors is not always easy, but many manufacturers offer special catalogs of their products, where there is a selection of “Wallpaper-neighbors.” You can rely on the proposed options or come up with something of their own, thus Express their individuality, emphasize the taste and uniqueness of the owner, the originality of his thinking. You can also find photos of ready-made options, choose the best. If the room is small, you need to take this into account, use colors that can visually increase the size of the room, raise the ceilings or “push” the walls. For this effect, it is better to use light colors and small drawings, because thanks to them space and light will be more, and therefore the room will seem more spacious.

Dark colors on the contrary will make the room smaller, they are best used in spacious halls or living rooms. Also a good idea will be to use the accent wall, so the 3 walls will be in bright colors, and the latter will acquire dark colors, so as to diversify the interior.

Combination options

By way of pasting

Wallpaper can be glued in different ways, which is decided by the owner, it can be both horizontal and vertical, abstract or zigzag. It is important in this case that the end result satisfied the owner of the property, and the harmony of design was holistic.

Classic version:

  1. Combinations vertically or horizontally.
  2. Create an accent wall with a brighter and more contrasting color or pattern.
  3. Wallpaper inserts that have a decorative role.

On drawing

Depending on the pattern, the same room may look completely different. For example, polka dot, abstract or floral print, it is better to use stripes, which can highlight the look of Wallpaper, their originality. Striped Wallpaper is best combined with conventional plain canvases that are similar in color. It is important not to oversaturate the interior of the room, to have a sense of taste and moderation, because you need to combine patterns correctly: if you use a combination of two completely different ornaments, the effect is unlikely to be successful.

By color

Initially, you need to choose one favorite color that will be used in the interior design. After that, you need to find him a successful “couple” that will complement or shade the main color and blend harmoniously. The combination should be carefully thought out, and then make sure that this option is optimal.

Methods for combining material by color:

  1. Use two shades of the same color (e.g. beige and brown, pink and red, blue and blue). These duets will create a luxurious and warm atmosphere, make the comfort of home as pleasant as possible for perception.
  2. The use of two pastel colors of different palettes.
  3. A pair of complementary colors. These colors should be placed opposite each other in the color wheel. A successful combination will be the use of blue and orange, yellow and purple or red with green. However, it is worth noting that this option is not very popular, as such bright colors create a strong load on the eyes and not everyone can endure it.

The patchwork technique

Create an interior with the use of patchwork technology is not only possible, but also necessary, because it is stylish and modern. The technique of gluing can be different: chaotic, classical, chess. Fragments can also be of any shape: abstract, triangular, square.

In this decoration of the walls is important to focus on the advice of designers, for example, using the classic method can be used arbitrary patterns, colors and patterns, but with unusual types of combinations can be used a maximum of 3 types of patterns, it is best that they were similar to each other.

Niche and ledge selection

Many living rooms are faced with such a problem as the presence of projections or niches, which is considered a disadvantage in the planning of housing. It is difficult and sometimes impossible to hide such flaws, but they can be emphasized and made advantages.

The niche is best to paste over the Wallpaper, which is a few shades darker, so it will be visually deepened, which will attract attention and will be interesting in appearance. In General, the combination of Wallpaper of two colors-is the creation of the original design, the possibility of zoning space and expression of his “I”.

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