Living room in Scandinavian style without minimalism and very bright

This Scandinavian style living room does not have the usual mix of grey and white that we often find in most Scandinavian apartments. This apartment has dozens of colors, lots of objects and absolutely not the Scandinavian style as it has been replicated over the past few years.

Details in this interior can be considered not a few minutes. Then just blend the nursery, the living room with books and a cosy dining room. Pay attention to the wooden toys that are scattered around the room. Even toys became brighter, but did not lose the iconic Scandinavian style.

Living room table with rounded edges, so that children do not get injured, because it is their play area. For parents, this arrangement of the playing area is the most comfortable. Meeting guests, Lunches, cleaning, personal Affairs can be performed in the dining area, and the child at this time will play near the sofa on a black and white stylish carpet.

Coming off a little from the interior, you should pay attention to the design toys that are in the room. These are not ordinary acid-pink or green cars. Pay attention to the color of the machine, containers and crane. They’re great. This allows at an early stage to develop a taste for children.

Modern fashion in interior design dictates its own rules. For example, now it is fashionable to install benches instead of chairs in the living room. And for the walls to use modular systems, where you yourself can every day to create some unique combination of shelves and hooks.

Pay attention to the connection of tiles with parquet — this is a difficult option, but very beautiful.

The Scandinavian-style living room is filled with objects. That’s not Scandinavian at all. Many books are on open shelves, many drawers, and in the kitchen even separate shelves are occupied with documents.

Modular Cabinet, allows you to create a decor around the TV, because usually the place near the TV is constantly empty. And for small apartments — it’s precious space. In this case, they are used as much as possible.

The dining room is overflowing with various items. Here and documents and still some wooden toys, somewhere mooted dishes, books and modular system, for curiously trinkets. In General, it is not Scandinavian. But everything is in cool colors. There is nothing toxic in the interior, all colors are well combined with each other.

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