Kitchens with bar counter – practicality and functionality

Nowadays there is a growing demand for kitchens with bar counters. Such interior solutions are characterized by remarkable convenience, excellent functionality, stylish appearance, the possibility of competent organization of space.

Beautiful and comfortable kitchen with a bar it is possible to study in detail in the photo, published on the Internet to make their own opinion about the various headsets, to draw conclusions in favor of certain options of furniture.

What are the bar counters

The bar counter is a high table top with supports. Such an element is usually purchased and installed together with special chairs. A well-chosen bar counter for the kitchen can become a real boon – the room will acquire original features, will become more convenient for users.

Advantages and disadvantages of the bar

Such a spectacular element of the interior has many undeniable advantages and disadvantages. Below is an overview of its main advantages and disadvantages.

List of advantages:

  • The compact rack is able to successfully replace the bulky dining table, which often gives significant spatial savings.
  • Well-fitted into the interior of the kitchen bar helps to facilitate the organization of cooking processes. Due to the presence of such a design, there is no need to work “bent” because of the low table top. The feeling of fatigue due to the uncomfortable position of the hands when performing certain culinary stages worries much less.
  • Kitchen set, equipped with a bar, allows for optimal zoning of space, separate the working area from the dining area.
  • The installation of a well-designed rack can positively affect the appearance of the room as a whole. Stylish model can transform for the better even the most boring interior.

Possible disadvantages:

  • The bar can comfortably accommodate a maximum of three people. Large product may be inappropriate for a spacious room, because it can cause associations with the interior of this bar.
  • The bar counter loses on mobility to the usual table, which is easily moved to any desired location.

In order to get to use the most convenient bar, you will need to responsibly determine the most suitable design. It is necessary to bet on a certain form of the interior, suiting the option of its placement, configuration.

Island construction

When choosing in favor of the island design will need to take into account that it will be the center element of the interior, it will be grouped around the other components of the headset.

Often the island model is included in the work area. It is recommended to install it in a large room or in the kitchen combined with the living room. The shape of the island model can be different: semicircular, l-shaped. This is a separate piece of kitchen furniture, made in the same style as the whole set.

Convenience of built-in stand

The built-in stand is structurally combined with a tabletop or other furniture element. It may be part of the island structure, enter the work area.

Racks for a small kitchen are often combined with a window sill. Thus, the inactive zone in the area of the opening is used. Built-in models are often equipped with additional shelves for storing dishes, household appliances, household items.

Stand in the form of partitions

In the Studio apartment, which has an open plan, a reasonable solution would be the implementation of zoning space. With the help of the bar counter you can carry out a rational separation of the kitchen from the living room, ensuring the organization of a convenient place for Breakfast, lunch, dinner.

Often the model in the form of a partition continues the wall. Perhaps its parallel location in relation to the main pieces of furniture.

Mini format

When designing a kitchen with a bar for a small apartment, you should prefer a design in a mini format. The priority is to buy a model with a maximum length of 1 m, suitable for two people.

Modern manufacturers use various materials for the manufacture of bar counters. Deciding on a suitable design, you will need to get acquainted with its characteristics, methods of care, price.

Budget elements of laminated chipboard

Laminated chipboard will appreciate the cheapness. Thanks to the use of chipboard, it is possible to translate into reality quite bold ideas of designers. Products made of this material can withstand high temperatures, the impact of moisture, but they are unlikely to impress with high environmental qualities, good strength, long service life.

Futuristic acrylic models

Acrylic is characterized by good flexibility in combination with flexibility, which is the basis for the creation of furniture with different shapes, the presence of bends, bulges, complex geometry.

Acrylic rack – a great option for a modern kitchen with interesting design ideas. Ordering futuristic headset involves listing acrylic stand with glossy surface with smooth curves.

Luxury natural stone

For natural stone is characterized by a luxurious, rich texture. The stone bar counter is sure to be a spectacular element of the interior.

This design should be ordered together with the rest of the headset items, so that all together they look as one. Buying furniture will not be cheap, but the high cost is sure to justify itself – the kitchen will look good, will serve many generations of homeowners.

Proven quality of solid wood

Bar counter made of solid wood always looks perfect. This expensive piece of furniture is often made according to individual sketches, valuable woods can be used to create it.

Wooden stand fits well into the interior of the room with large dimensions, furnished with stylized “antique” solid furniture. It also feels great in modern interiors. Wood needs delicate care, but the appearance of the product of this beautiful material will be approved by the most stringent critic in the field of design.

Glass aesthetics

The glass product will not be the most practical option because of the fragility of the material, even if it has been specially processed. The glass surface is cold, “inhospitable” to touch. Such furniture has an unusually stylish aesthetics, compensating for these disadvantages.

Thanks to the transparent texture, variability of colors, good compatibility with diverse materials, glass bar is able to perform the function of a key element of the interior.

Interior solutions in different styles

Coming up with ideas of kitchen design with a bar counter, studying photos, descriptions of possible solutions, it is necessary first of all to determine the overall style of the room. It should be noted that the rack should be made in the same style as the rest of the furniture, combined with wall decoration, floor.

Proven classic

Elegant classic style is often chosen by homeowners for their kitchens. As for the bar, it makes sense to prefer an element of natural material (wood with the presence of carved inserts, patterns). The priority is to design with standard, rectangular shape.

Equipment should be as concise as possible. A good solution is an island model (provided there is enough space for its placement).

Modern style

If you decide in favor of a kitchen with ultra modern design, it is necessary to order furniture with maximum functionality. Deciding on the decor, you need to focus not on the figured details, but on the materials. Actual combination of matte texture with gloss, complex geometry, original color transitions.

Comfort of Provence

The Provence and the classics have much in common. Provence is characterized by ease, simplicity, naturalness. Installation of a rack of a shade of pastel or white color is welcomed. If possible, you can buy an antique object or a structure with an artificially aged surface. This will have a positive impact on the creation of a particularly cozy atmosphere in the room.

Brevity of minimalism

Equipping the kitchen in the style of minimalism, you will need to choose a rack with an extremely simple design. It is desirable to abandon the product with multiple decorative elements in favor of a neat, precise geometry. It is very important that the installed design creates a single ensemble with the rest of the furniture in the spirit of minimalism.

Small kitchen. Which bar to choose

In a small kitchen, a full rack can not be installed. It would be justified to choose a compact countertop (maximum 1 m), which will be adjacent to the wall, to dock with other pieces of furniture.

In the installation of the island model it makes sense when you choose the option of combining the kitchen and living room (the rack plays the role of a partition). It should provide freedom of movement in the space separating the kitchen, room set.

Stand in a mini format – the best option for a tiny room. Also welcome the use of folding design, which can quickly and easily fold or unfold. In case of an empty space next to the window, it is recommended to install above the window sill.

The bar counter is able to transform any kitchen. The main thing – do not rush with her choice to the acquired model pleased owners of beauty, convenience, ease of care for many years.

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