Kitchen in a Scandinavian style – create a cosy, stylish and austere interior

Norway, Sweden, Denmark, the North, the Scandinavian countries, where there is severe winter, and hot sun is just a dream. This weather tempered the people and it influenced the style of their interior, which became known as the Scandinavian.

Consider the Scandinavian style of kitchen design, which is characterized by simplicity and rigor.

Notes of Scandinavian style

The decoration is dominated by natural materials, the room is filled with an abundance of natural light, characterized by rigor and light color palette. This style successfully combines new and old.

Although the Scandinavian style in the interior of the kitchen is not as remarkable and colorful as many others, it creates a cheerful, joyful mood and fills with tranquility.

Any hostess will appreciate the simplicity and elegance of the cuisine in the Scandinavian style. If the kitchen is small, then when you design it in this style, it will immediately be transformed and will seem spacious.

Due to the functionality of the room it will be convenient to work in it. Enjoy the food there is also nice, because there is beautiful and cozy. That is why many Housewives love this style of design and prefer it to all others.

What is remarkable in the design of Scandinavian cuisine

Consider what characterizes this Scandinavian style of cuisine:

  • In the room there are no various decorative ornaments and cute trinkets, there is nothing superfluous.
  • Natural materials are used in the design.
  • All items needed for cooking are in the same area.
  • For food, the working surface is given, the stove is located nearby to make it convenient to put food on the stove, not so far away is a sink, refrigerator, floor and hanging cabinets.

What is an acceptable area for the design of the kitchen in the Scandinavian style

Most of all, the Scandinavian design is suitable for a small area, as it makes it visually larger. And the little white kitchen in Scandinavian style will seem on much more, than it is.

The room is filled with light and will seem more spacious. But if the kitchen is large, this design is also acceptable. Scandinavian style will only emphasize the large size and all the advantages. Therefore, we can say that the Scandinavian style is suitable for any size of kitchen space.

Light is of great importance

In Northern countries, sunlight is of great importance, northerners tend to get maximum heat. The Scandinavian-style kitchen is filled with natural light. In order not to prevent him from entering the room freely, the Windows in the Scandinavian countries do not curtain.

No curtains or blinds simply not necessary. But our Housewives are not used to it, so you can add to the design of white curtains or curtains made of transparent fabrics.


Roman curtains are perfect, they can always be opened when you need to let the sunlight into the room. But natural light may not be enough, so you can add artificial. Sometimes work surfaces require more lighting.

Various lamps and floor lamps will give additional light and add a certain charm to the kitchen environment.

The working area can be illuminated by several small wall lamps with diffusing light. It is permissible to decorate the ceiling with a large chandelier, it will give enough light.

The choice of color scheme

White color prevails in the Scandinavian style, and you can choose a variety of light shades. Gently looks creamy, snow-white attracts with its modesty.

Beige, lavender, mint look quite interesting and do not go beyond the Scandinavian style. But here you should be careful, because if you overdo it and choose the wrong shade, it can spoil the impression.

White color gives the area a visual space, purity, airiness, but sometimes it also makes the situation too strict. To the situation is not reminiscent of hospital wards, the interior of the kitchen can bring any contrasting detail.


Let the table top be dark or have a woody hue. The warmth of wood always gives comfort. Dark color varieties of white rigor. In addition, you can make another bright detail, creating a bright accent.

What should be the design of the walls

The kitchen in Scandinavian style, white walls. Therefore, they need to be designed in simple light colors, without any complex patterns. The walls are usually painted with white paint, but sometimes pasted with light Wallpaper. It is permissible to paste on one wall Wallpaper with a print, but it is desirable to put a table on this wall, or to decorate the wall near the window.

White stone finish or brickwork looks great in the interior of Scandinavian cuisine. To household appliances fit into the overall Scandinavian design style, they must have a steel shade.

Floor in Scandinavian cuisine

Gender is also desirable to make the light to correspond with the rest of the atmosphere and created the gorgeous white background. As a coating, you can choose wooden boards or laminate.

Bright floor will help to create the right atmosphere, wash the boundaries and give the room space. Beautiful rug would look nice, and dilute white. In the Scandinavian countries like to lay on the floor striped rugs.

The floor is decorated with ceramic tiles. Some prefer to lay out the tiles in a checkerboard pattern in white and black colors.

The stone coating can also create a unique style, but it has disadvantages. The fact that the stone keeps cold for a long time, and the cost of such material is quite high.


How to design the ceiling

In order not to spoil the Scandinavian charm, do not make a suspended or suspended ceiling. The most appropriate option would be a simple white ceiling, ie, enough to whitewash it to create the right mood.

If you can not do without frame structures that are required to create lighting and ventilation, it is necessary to make them as natural as possible.

We select the appropriate scenery

Various trinkets and unnecessary details in the Scandinavian cuisine is not the place. But the textiles there can be quite bright. Towels, napkins, potholders, mats can create a nice, cheerful atmosphere, pleasing to the eye.

Wicker furniture will bring comfort and joyful feeling. I must say, vintage decor perfectly complement the modern environment.

Flower pots with green plants will sell the atmosphere of a joyful summer mood. Basket with bright fruits will also be a nice decoration.

But do not break the Scandinavian magic too bright, everything should be in moderation. If desired, you can choose the appropriate posters on the wall, which will help to display the Scandinavian style.

Watches in the style of minimalism will also be appropriate. Concise frame pictures adorn Scandinavian kitchen interior. Yellow floor lamp is able to give a cheerful, Sunny mood Scandinavian cuisine.

The right apron for the kitchen

For Scandinavian cuisine will be most appropriate white apron, but you can choose another option. If you want to create a bright accent, you can choose a colorful apron. It can be finished with glass, panels imitating wood or brickwork.

Glass panels will give the kitchen apron the look that is appropriate in the Scandinavian style. The wooden surface also looks interesting, and brick gives a more cozy look. Brickwork looks textured and is decorated with a white surface.

We add furniture to the atmosphere

Furniture should not be too pretentious, the stricter the better. Furniture made of natural wood will successfully fit into the environment. A plain white kitchen set will look elegant, and a contrasting countertop will dilute the strict atmosphere.

Metal handles, glass facades of kitchen sets will complement the atmosphere and also bring Scandinavian charm. Glossy facades will display light and give the right atmosphere. But still with glasses you need to be careful. Fits wood or stone finish.

Furniture should not be too bulky and take up a lot of space. Therefore, it is desirable to choose a spacious, but not large pieces of furniture.


Great for Scandinavian style kitchen furniture without top module. This immediately makes the space more spacious. But not always bare walls look beautiful, so a little load the space of the walls will help shelves. They will not spoil the impression, and will not weigh down the space as kitchen cabinets with closing doors.

Furniture suitable for the Scandinavian style can be found in IKEA stores. It was the appearance of this store in the vast expanses of our country that made this style so popular.

Modern built-in appliances look great in the interior of Scandinavian cuisine. The main thing in the interior of Scandinavian cuisine is to observe minimalism and not to load the interior with unnecessary details.

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