Kitchen cabinets (floor, hinged, open). 10 photos in interiors

Kitchen sets sets the style of the whole room. Small hinged cabinets and roomy floor-to-ceiling cabinets, functional l-shaped cabinets with a complex storage system and open shelves filled with beautiful dishes and cute trinkets. In this article we have collected for you 10 ideas of how several cabinets — of different height, color and style — will be able to change the interior of your kitchen. And our practical tips will help you avoid common mistakes.

Corner Cabinet with smooth lines looks very harmonious and perfectly complements the interior.

Solid corner Cabinet – from floor to ceiling — allows you to hide the irregularities of the wall or unwanted corner and can be used, for example, as a full pantry.

The corner Cabinet can be used not only for the main purpose — storage of various kitchen utensils — but also as a place to install the TV: from here it will be visible from anywhere in the kitchen.

There are also very interesting models, such as this floor corner Cabinet.

Retractable mesh baskets and metal structures for plates, pots and pans, drying for dishes, various dividers and delimiters. A complex system will perfectly organize the space, but remember that in proportion to the complexity increases and its cost.

All the necessary spices right at your fingertips.

Showing imagination, you can make a storage system that is ideal for you.

If you have a lot of beautiful dishes, look at the glass doors or doors with rates: they will not hide the beauty of your dishes and make the kitchen visually spacious.

The set of this bright kitchen, as if assembled from multi-colored Lego bricks, will definitely cheer you up!

The alternative-sliding doors: look very stylish and at the same time win in terms of functionality.

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