Interior design for dummies. 8 great examples of design

Interior design is a complicated but fascinating thing. Because this is a real adventure with elements of drama-to understand all the subtleties of the organization of living space. And in order for the result was not ashamed. created for you a short guide to popular interior styles. Now you won’t get confused Provence with modernity.

Art Deco (Art Deco)

In such a room you do not know where to put yourself – everything sparkles, glitters, shimmers and screams. On the left languidly, wrapped in brocade, sad statue of Venus, right laughing Indian Ganesha, and even a mysterious African mask found a place here. Because art Deco is a mix of everything. The main thing is to be expensive and rich. The neighbors will be jealous.

High tech

If everything around, even the door handles, built-in, the surface is all entirely chrome and in General you feel on Board the spacecraft, and from around the corner is about to seem Spock with his signature gesture, it’s high-tech style. He can be very nice, and you have to love him – something tells us that for him the future.

Classic style

Classic-she and in Africa classic. Everything here is very solemn and luxurious. Wallpaper with curls, columns, furniture, which is terrible to sit (and suddenly that), painting on the walls – just like at the Royal reception. Instead of the king, of course you are. And that’s what is convenient: in this interior, no one will notice that the king is naked.


If you have a strange feeling that, on the one hand, you are inside the painting of Salvador Dali, and on the other – at the confession in the Catholic Cathedral, you are all right – you have not had too much wine tonight. It’s just a modern style, dominated by S-shaped lines and stained glass Windows. Nice and cozy.

Pop art

Andy Warhol, Monroe and all sorts of cans on the walls, chairs and tables made of plastic, and bright colors dazzled – no, you are not at the exhibition of modern art. This is your friend decided to make repairs in the apartment in the style of pop art. Well, tastes differ.


With the same success you can live in the woods in a tent, but the designers came up with eco-style. Bamboo, clay, wood, water – all as it should be, environmentally friendly and useful. And there is hot water with heating. Too bad you can’t make shish kebab.


Cunning French know a lot about beauty – even their purely rustic style has become extremely popular all over the world. Flowers, angels, pastel colors, like doll tables: I say “Provence” – I mean France, I say” France ” – I mean Provence.

Colonial style

Decorative plates, wicker furniture, fans, horns of wild animals, masks of African shamans – if the interior resembles an apartment of a treasure hunter who is forced to wait out the winter in the city, it is most likely a colonial style. Be careful, somewhere in the wall there is a secret door…

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