6 great design ideas: How to make a kitchen-living room

Space for cooking and receiving guests should be comfortable and harmonious. We tell you what ideas designers embody in their projects

To create a comfortable space for recreation, pros often combine two areas-kitchen and living room. We looked at a couple of ideas for its arrangement in design projects.

1. Choose the same finish

Alexandra Yermilova turned one of them into a Studio with a spacious kitchen-living room, in which the bedroom is separated by a glass partition with curtains.
The space decided not to split into zones with the help of finishing — all the walls were painted with gray paint, and the engineering Board was laid on the floor. The only thing that distinguishes the kitchen — bright facades and apron.

2. Make the kitchen the main focus

The principle of the Marina Polonceau: if the kitchen in the living room it is impossible to disguise, so you need to select it.
“We have chosen for the facades of gray-lavender color, glossy surface and silver potal — said the designer. — And in the area of the dining table-a mirror triptych height of two meters.”

Advice BRICKTALKS.COM: for a harmonious space of the kitchen-living room, it is important that the set, dining and soft groups are combined with each other. A wide choice of furniture is presented in MTK “Grand”. By the way, on December 22 there began a new year’s sale — there is a chance to buy quality furniture at competitive prices.

3. To use the bar and the different floor coverings

The designers of Sova divided the kitchen and living room into two zones. The kitchen is distinguished by the original floor decoration, and the living room — carpet on the floor. The bar counter is also an element of zoning.

4. Zoning with furniture

Oleg mints decided not to share the already small kitchen-living room partitions and different finishes. The designer just placed the furniture correctly: put the sofa back to the dining area.

5. To equip a small recreation area

Sometimes, to add comfort to the room, it is enough to put a sofa in the kitchen. Did Ekaterina Savenko from the Studio “interior Architecture”: in the kitchen combined working and dining areas and made space for relaxing and entertaining.

6. To use partitions

Architect Daria Vasilkova created a spacious common area-kitchen-living room with dining room. They are separated only by a partition with shelves, which hung the TV.

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