How to decorate the balcony inside – high quality, beautiful and inexpensive

What is better to sheathe the balcony inside? This is an urgent issue for property owners who want to make a quality and stylish repairs not only in the main, but also in the auxiliary rooms.

Following the practical recommendations of this review, the owners of apartments, houses and suburban fazend will be able to find the best solution that meets all the requirements.

How to decorate the balcony inside: an overview of the popular options for wall cladding

Thanks to the huge selection of cladding materials on the market finishing the balcony is not difficult. Owners can find ideas that will meet all expectations and will please with its visual appeal, practicality and affordability.

They can sheathe a balcony from within, applying the modern artificial and natural materials famous for the worthy operational properties and showing simplicity of installation in a place.

Wooden lining: a common option with an affordable price tag

If owners are interested in inexpensive options for finishing balconies, they pay attention to the narrow wooden lining. Compared with analogues, this option has a number of features.

Its advantages include affordable cost, natural origin, universal scope, decent performance of sound insulation and heat preservation. By cons lining include its vulnerability to the damaging effects of moisture. To chipped paneling balcony retain the original aesthetics of the plates are treated with special antifungal composition.

Also, consumers need to decide on the format of the lining. They will have to choose one of the following materials:

  • euro siding;
  • block house;
  • soft line;
  • calm.

They differ in the overall dimensions and shape of the profile, as well as the material of manufacture and performance. Each type of lining has a certain marking, which indicates its class and level of resistance to the environment.

If you choose high-quality raw materials and properly implement the process of its installation on the balcony, you can see an impressive result. Lining looks neat and elegant.

It gives the balcony a cozy and relaxed comfortable atmosphere, which will be appreciated by the residents of megacities, provincial cities and rural villages.

Wood panels: raw material with light weight, affordable price and easy installation

The decision to cover the balcony with panels made of natural wood comes to far-sighted and rational consumers.

Betting on the unique properties of the material, the owners of houses and apartments do not lose. They are able to inexpensive and stylish to solve the problem of finishing the walls on the balcony.

Due to the fact that the installation of panels does not require special skills and the use of specialized equipment, finishing the balcony with their own hands takes a minimum of time, money and effort. It can be done in a few days and get a great professional result.

The advantages of wooden panels include the following properties:

  • large selection of shades and textures, the possibility of painting and applying varnish;
  • wear resistance;
  • aesthetic qualities;
  • easy care.

The cons of the panels of experts referred to the lack of insulation of heat and sound. For their strengthening in the process of installation is to use special layers. Their functional purpose is to keep the room warm and muffle the noise coming from the outside.

Plastic panels: resistance to moisture and wear

If the balcony is constantly exposed to precipitation in the form of snow and rain, natural materials can be destroyed by exposure to high levels of humidity.

To prevent this, responsible property owners choose elegant plastic panels for wall decoration.

They are carefully selected by color and texture, so the balcony looks presentable and stylish. Interior decoration of the balcony with the use of this material will not hit the pocket. This is a budget option for people who do not want to overpay money.

Panels made of plastic are easy to install, quite an interesting appearance, a variety of versions. On sale there are panels that mimic the surface of the wood, as well as decorated with original designs in the form of ornaments, drawings and abstract patterns.

Also can be used in the work and plastic lining, which is devoid of the shortcomings of the classic wooden material of the same type.

Alternative solution: paneling sheet drywall

As non-standard options of finishing materials on a balcony sheets of drywall can be used. They are quite fragile and brittle, so even during installation you need to be extremely careful.

If you act professionally, from such a lack of material as a rapid loss of appearance, still will not be able to protect themselves.

However, despite a number of significant disadvantages drywall has advantages. It is light in weight, affordable and versatile in operation. With its use it is possible to realize various design ideas that were born from the owners of the property in the process of creating a project for the design of the balcony.

Siding: universal panels

Do not consider siding as a material that is suitable only for external use. As the experience of many developers, this type of cladding looks great indoors, for example, on the balcony.

Siding is quite strong and durable. It shows resistance to the environment, heavy loads, deformations and damages.

People who have made a choice in favor of siding, waiting for a simple installation and minimal financial costs. Completed finishing work in the room will please the result, which will continue for many years.

Decorative stone: a stylish look and resistance to breakage

Recently, the design is often used artificial stone. This material can adequately replace cork panels, wooden lining and plastic.

It should be used for finishing balconies in urban apartments and country houses. The advantages of stone include excellent decorative properties, resistance to destruction, basic features of installation. Disadvantages of the material are mainly associated with its high cost.

Sandwich panels: easy installation and minimal need for repair

Decent interior design on the balcony will be able to get people who abandoned the idea of using traditional materials for wall cladding and purchased in the construction store sandwich panels.

In its design, this innovative material is quite complex. It consists of three layers. This is a pair of sheets of durable material between which the manufacturer places the insulation layer.

The finished material has excellent energy efficiency. It is suitable for balconies in need of increased protection from the cold. The advantages of sandwich panels construction experts include such details:

  • light weight and compact size;
  • resistance to fungus, mold and other biological irritants;
  • no need to resort to additional finishing;
  • environmental friendliness and safety.

Installation of sandwich panels is also not particularly difficult. It is carried out in several stages and involves a minimum of construction experience of the master.

Ceramic tiles: introduction to the features of the material

Some property owners decide to put ceramic tiles on the interior walls of the balcony. They rely on this material, because they know about its resistance to destruction and the action of the environment.

Tile requires certain skills in the installation process, but its laying technology is observed, the coating will retain its original appearance for many years. It will demonstrate decent indicators of strength and durability.

However, the properties of heat and sound insulation tiles are not the best, so you should think carefully before using this material for lining the interior of balconies and loggias.

VLUU L100, M100 / Samsung L100, M100

In addition to the traditional finishes listed above, other materials have been used in the design in recent years. Among them are the following ideas:

Cork material

Cork materials are often used in individual construction due to its prevalence and affordability.

They involve a simple installation process, which results in a beautiful and aesthetic surface. The surface copes with the function of heat preservation, does not fade in the sun and is not afraid of loads.

Decorative plaster

For wall works apply decorative plaster. It is applied with a special roller or spatula, so it has an original and interesting texture.

The owner of the room can paint the plaster with enamel or initially add a coloring pigment to the composition for wall cladding.

Combined finishing options

Welcome modern designers and combined options for wall decoration. Thus, it is possible to successfully combine wood and plastic, painted surface of the plastered wall and plastic panel, etc. Other combinations are used that suit the owners of real estate in all respects.

How to decorate the floor and ceiling on the balcony

Having decided on the type of cladding on the walls, homeowners should think about how best to decorate the floors and ceiling space. Careful approach to this issue will achieve maximum harmony in the interior.

Designers advise to pay attention to such ideas:

  • to make the interior look complete, the floor is sheathed with the same facing material as the walls. If such is not possible, it is necessary to withstand a single color scheme and the similarity of the textures of the coating used in the work;
  • the combination of textures and palettes can also play into the hands of the owners of the room. It allows you to hide the defects of the balcony, to emphasize the originality and creativity of its design;
  • the floor is best covered with wear-resistant materials that have such properties as hygiene, durability and simplicity of the flooring. This linoleum, ceramic tiles, wood and other raw materials available on the market in the construction departments of supermarkets and shops.

After reviewing the characteristics of each proposed material, the owner of the cottage, mansion or city apartment will be able to choose the best finish.

In the process of choosing the owner should be guided by the budget, personal taste preferences, features of the balcony – its area and layout.

If the choice is correct, the auxiliary room will not lose either in design or in practicality. It will have an attractive appearance, demonstrate decent energy efficiency, protect the room from the cold and street noise.

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