Gold color in the interior. 15 great photos

If you like Scandinavian minimalism, do not rush to turn up your nose from the gold color options in the interior. Because in any interior you can add warmth Golden lighting and give the old gilded frames.
Of course, mostly gold color in the interior is preferred by fans of classic interiors with an emphasis on luxury. It is not necessary to cover the walls with gold paint or buy gold furniture. To give a light Golden color, many leather details, Golden light from the lamps and sconces.

At all times, the gold color was associated with each of us with real luxury, aristocracy and wealth. But if earlier to decorate the interior with gold really could afford only the wealthiest representatives of high society, today the use of gold shades is available to everyone. Moreover, in recent years it is the gold color is among the most relevant and popular in the design. Despite its catchiness and expressiveness, it manages to create a unique harmonious style, even in a minimalist, not overdoing the pretentiousness of the image.

Golden lighting will easily add warmth and comfort to any interior design, as well as give a light pleasant antiquity, which will always set up for rest and relaxation. And it does not matter how much and why you will use this shade: even individual Golden decor items will be enough to dilute the routine and saturate the design of the room more noticeable elegance.

Combine the Golden shade with other, both warm and cold tones, getting a truly unique and inimitable interior!

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