Garden swing with your hands – magical moments of childhood

The feeling of flying in the air magical moments of childhood. But even adults can enjoy the flight, if you install on your site garden swing.

Of course, you can resort to buying in the store, but there is another, economical and pleasant way: to make a garden swing with your own hands.

In the article we will analyze how to make a swing for giving their own hands, their types, where to put what materials to use, how to make a finished design.

How to prepare a place for the construction of swings

Do not treat the installation of swings in the same way as to the installation of flower beds, unlike which swing is a piece of garden furniture to be used. This means that you need to choose a place convenient for the use of this subject.
In this regard, you should pay attention to some nuances. List them:

  • Free space for swinging

Since the swings have a mobile detail shop, you need to calculate the maximum power of their rocking. In the worst case, the shop will always hurt something and quickly deteriorate.

If the movement of the swing interfere with other items of garden furniture, it is not terrible, they can be rearranged. However, in the case when the swing touches trees, buildings, fences, etc., the installation site is better to move.
If you want to Refine the swing, you can put the flower beds on the sides, but not at the back or front of the structure.

  • Stationary use

The swing has a base support frame that should stand firmly on the ground. Some varieties of swings have a lot of weight, so they do not need to be buried. If the swing is unstable, the best solution would be concreting the support frame.

  • The area under the main frame of the swing

It often happens that under the swing formed dirt, puddles, which is why it becomes uncomfortable to ride. To avoid this, you need to worry in advance, making a concrete platform or laying tiles.

In an extreme case, the place can be sprinkled with gravel.
Please note that the design of the swing involves installation on a flat area (base), as this allows to extend the service life. To check the surface, use a plumb. In addition, it is necessary to worry about the safety of people passing by, because the force of impact increases with fluctuation. To avoid accidents, put a fence around the site so that children or animals can not accidentally and quietly get there

If the swing is supposed to ride children, you need to think about the limiter. To do this, swing the bench to the top point and mark this place. There it is necessary to put a crossbar-limiter. In the worst case, the child may fall and hit his head, get a fracture.

Summary: choosing a place to install the swing, you need to focus on space, flat surface, no obstacles around. Do not forget about safety.

To do this, set a restrictive crossbar to skating children could not swing too much and fall. It is also desirable to put a small fence around the swing, so that children or animals do not accidentally get injured from the swinging pendulum.

How to choose the design and materials to create

Do not neglect these details, because the following parameters depend on them:

  • security;
  • long life;
  • cost;
  • sustainability and quality of work;
  • design.

In the construction of swings, there are many varieties that differ from each other in functionality, method of creation, spaciousness and the material from which they are made.

Professionals of this business are used to divide the swing into the following varieties:

Creation method:

  • on the frame;
  • no frame.

The principle of setting a:

  • portable (made of lighter materials);
  • hanging swing(suspended on a tree branch or frame-base. Most often it is a children’s swing);
  • stationary (usually made of iron. The frame is usually reinforced with concrete).


  • metal;
  • tree;
  • tissue;
  • plastic.


  • for the family;
  • for one person.


  • canopy available;
  • no canopy.

To make a country swing with their own hands, often used metal or wood. It is possible to use and combined options.

In the article we will not consider the device of a concrete platform, because everyone can choose a place for themselves.
Let’s analyze each variety separately:

Metal swing

At first it may seem that the metal frame is stronger, more stable material. Perhaps this is so, but it is worth considering the fact that the metal is prone to corrosion, rust, which negatively affects the operation of the device.

Wooden swing

Of course, wood also has disadvantages, the most important of which is Flammability. However, moisture wood is not terrible, because in the last stages of construction it is covered with yacht varnish, which resists water ingress.

If you use special types of wood, this design is not inferior in its stability of the metal model.
It is worth noting the fact that wood is safer than metal.

Processing of this material does not require special tools (grinding machine, welding, drill for welding on metal), so it is easier.

Good wood and in relation to the price. Even a good, strong grade of wood will be cheaper than a forged metal frame. Of course, instead of forged frame with ornate elements can be used pipes and corners, but this design will look terrible, despite the lower cost. It will spoil the look and feel of the garden.

As a result, it turns out that the most suitable type of material is wood. As fastening details it is necessary to use metal elements.

Advantages of wood material

As already mentioned above, the metal material requires a huge amount of costs and requirements, so to create a design with their own hands, it is desirable to use wood.

To this wish was not unfounded, we list the advantages of this material:

  • Care for the environment and the safety of others
  • Wood is the most environmentally friendly material that does not harm either people or nature.
  • Easily find
  • The wooden material can be found everywhere, both in construction shops, and in country stalls.
  • Easy care
  • Wood does not corrode, so to maintain the proper appearance of the structure only need to wipe with a dry cloth. If necessary, you can cover with a new layer of varnish.
  • Low weight
  • Wood is lighter than metal, so it is easy to rearrange. If the swing will need to be transported to another place, then this will be able to cope with two adult men.
  • Simplicity of decoration

If You want to make swinging more comfortable and cozy, sew or buy a seat cushion, protective cover.

What is better to choose: chains or ropes

The bench and the main frame are fastened together. The role of this element is played by either a chain or a rope, and then the question arises: what is better?
A clear answer to this question is impossible, because he and the other variant has its own characteristics.

Therefore, when choosing you need, first of all, to keep in mind their own requirements.
For example, a metal chain will not twist around its axis. However, for fastening a wooden bench is usually used is a rope, and for the metal base will be useful chain.

Do you need a canopy

During the discussion of the design raises another question: do we need a canopy?
If we talk in General, the canopy is the guarantor of a quiet and comfortable stay. It will protect the canopy from the hot summer sun or heavy rain.

If You think that the canopy is an extra chore, you’re wrong. To make a canopy is simple! Do not be afraid of constructing a canopy, because this case is much easier than creating a swing.

For the construction of the canopy, you can use the same materials that were used to create the base frame. It is important to note that the fabric is not suitable for closing, because it will pass water flows.

The main parts of the swing

Before you start manufacturing, you need to carefully study the basic details:

Support and crossbar

For greater stability of the swing you need to pay attention to the support and crossbar.
Stable support will not allow the swing to move with strong rocking. Most often use the support in the form of the letter “A”, since the manufacture of such a support is more simple than other types. For its production you only need to fasten to each other two pipes or wooden boards.

The crossbar will not allow to rise to a bench too high that vacationers did not fall from it.


For a more comfortable and comfortable stay should pay special attention to the choice of material and shape of the seat, as the position of the back in this criterion is most important.


Of course, you can meet a lot of representatives without a canopy. However, this attribute makes the rest better, because it allows you to relax in the summer silence and listen to the sound of rain without getting up from the swing. At the same time it is desirable to use waterproof materials that eventually would not burn out in the sun.

How to make a swing for giving their hands: step by step actions

Before the beginning of the main and “dirty” stage of the work you need to make a drawing, i.e. a plan for the implementation of the work.
Find ready-made drawings can be on the Internet, scoring in the search engine “how to make a swing in the country step by step.”

The stages of the work:

  • Take a bar length of 3 meters in the amount of four pieces (the thickness of 100×100 mm). It is best to use a material of oak. From these bars make two designs similar to the letter “L”. The connection of parts must be at an angle of 50 degrees. The fastening system consists of bolts for furniture.
  • Step back from the bottom of the support 60 cm, and the remaining space is divided into three parts. Where there will be a border between the first and the second segment, mount the tightening, consisting of an edged Board. Quantity: two on one leg. Secure everything with the bolts.
  • Connect the frame and crossbar of oak timber. The length of the crossbar should be such that the width of the main frame exceeds the width of the seat by 50 cm.
  • Dig the feet into the ground to a depth of 60 cm, 10 cm of which should be sprinkled with gravel and sand. Please note that the timber, immersed in concrete, must be pre-treated with bitumen mastic.After concreting the finished pits with a solution of cement, gravel and sand, in a ratio of 1:5:3. Put the structure in the position where the thread is exactly perpendicular to the crossbar.
  • To create two frames need cedar timber, the thickness of which is 45×55 cm width 200×50 cm should be used for sitting and 200×65 for the back. Combine all parts at an angle of 120 degrees. At the bottom, strengthen them along the entire length of the strip of steel, which would correspond to the bends.
  • Sew the frame boards for the cladding, the width of which 25х45 see
  • In the crossbar, located on the top and bottom, mount the ring-bolts. A couple of bolts are mounted in the main crossbar and hang the seat (we recommend doing this on a chain, because they are strong and do not rotate around its axis). Check if the bench is level with the construction level.

Decorating the swing

Appearance design is important for the swing in the same way as quality work, because it is the appearance will attract tourists.

But what other ways of decoration exist, in addition to varnish or color paint?
Great decoration and creation of additional facilities will serve as a pillow and a blanket. They can be made with their own hands, and you can buy in the store.

If You decide to do self-sewing, please note that all fabrics should be pleasant to the body. It is not necessary to use silk, it is slippery.

Do not forget about the care of the place where there are swings. Put on the sides of the flower beds, remove the garden. This will give additional beauty to the swing.

To create a swing with your hands it is better to turn to an assistant, because working with three-dimensional parts is not easy.

Before you start construction, you need to determine the location, materials, type of construction, look for the seats for the swing, study the mounting options, prepare a special set of tools. But all this is worth it to warm summer evening You and the family enjoyed the flight, just as admired him as a child!

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