Fresh ideas: how to use marble and concrete in the interior

One of the most popular trends in 2019 were marble, concrete and colored stone in the interior.

The fashion for marble can hardly be called new: it holds the position of the season and not two. Concrete does not have such an aristocratic past, but it now regularly appears in the interiors and collections of items for the home — whether upholstered furniture or dishes. And concrete, and marble had penetrated even in those spheres, where their not waited. For example, in perfumery (this fall at Comme des Garcons there was a concrete aroma in a bottle from concrete and with the corresponding smell), and the watch industry (Hublot decorated with concrete a dial, having once again admired new York). And even in hairdressing – it’s about “marble staining”.

Experts from Houzz, an international platform for interior repair and design, note the increased interest of its users in marble and concrete and advise how to fit these trends into the home environment.

Marble: from furniture to dishes

Adding a stone to your house, you will not lose. Another question is how to do it in a new way? Marble is not often seen in the countertops, cutting boards or wall tiles, but is it often — in the design of mirrors, sofas or beds? The latest version at the September London Design Festival 2017 showed Aram Gallery, exposing the work of max Frommeld.

His marble bed in shades of grey and pink is a way to incorporate stone into the bedroom interior without making it Palace-like cold and similar to hundreds of other Pinterest rooms.

The Slovenian Lara Bohink, who managed to work with Gucci, Costume Narional and Lanvin, and launched the London brand Lara Bohinc, at the same festival performed with the present in many conventionally fashionable restaurants and cafes marble tables — but played on an unusual design. British designer Lee broom performs marble floor clocks familiar to all with the battle — they could be seen at the last Salone del Mobile in Milan. And the Frenchman Matthew Leander not the first recreates the surface of the water in their marble sculptures or liquid coffee tables.

If his border with the art of work is not enough and you want something more ” artistic “-pay attention to the sculpture of painted in bright color boulders Hugo Rondinone or put on the floor marble” carpet ” authorship of the Anglo-Palestinian artist Mona Hatum.

Concrete: from chest to candlesticks

Concrete, as well as marble, need to provide a favorable neighborhood. Roughness and coldness smooth pastel colors, rounded lines, white, and even — live plants and a variety of fluffy objects. The uneven Matt texture of the concrete is accentuated by polished surfaces.

If you can not afford to cover the concrete wall or ceiling in the apartment, and plumbing of this material is also not an option, it makes sense to limit the miniature details: they alone will be enough to make the interior more relevant. It can be candlesticks or lamps that combine concrete with glass. Hand-blown, like the Norwegian designer Magnus Petersen, or brutal, like the canadian David Umoto.

Bathroom accessories from a toothbrush Cup to a soap dish — and even bedside tables made up of concrete bricks with holes — are also a great solution.

If that, the fake has already released Ikea – it has minimalist chests of drawers with a “concrete effect”.

Those who are ready to go further, it is time to work with concrete in a big way: in countertops or wall tiles in the kitchen, “exposing” individual walls and even entire rooms. If the gray concrete bathroom is not what you dreamed of, we looked at other “total” options.

Max lamb, for example, in the winter of 2015 shone with a bathroom made entirely of colored marble at the design fair Miami. Since then, other interesting solutions have appeared in homes around the world. Below-everything that will help to be inspired.

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