English style in the interior – elegance and a sense of high style

Thin, elegant, not overloaded with details, a favorite of aristocrats – all this is about the English style.
Despite its restraint, it is practical, comfortable, functional, and combines pleasing to the eye symmetry and a harmonious combination of colors.

English style has another name, which can be found more often – “Victorian”. Some believe that the use of this style – the lot of conservatives, but it is a stereotype. In fact, among the accuracy, harmony and comfort hidden elegance and a sense of high style.

The main components of the English style

The main detail characteristic of the English interior is a combination of different types of fabrics, ranging from velvet, satin, and ending with jacquard. An important condition is that the fabric should be not only solid, but also with a pattern. This makes the interior elegant.

Do not forget about the ornament of the walls, because it must be in harmony with textiles, complementing the interior of the room.
Designers have established “pairs” that should “work” together.

For example, pillows on beds and upholstery should be similar in pattern to curtains (eg, Scottish cage), but not so pretentious, sharp. Try to use smoother patterns – ovals, rounded lines, floral ornaments.

  • In order to decorate the walls, most often use ceramic tiles or wooden panels made in warm shades.
  • If the room is supposed to put a wardrobe, it should be made of carved panels.

Oak, wenge, rosewood can be used as a raw material. The room for storing a large number of books can be fenced with a glass door, put in it sofas made of leather, paintings in heavy frames, which depict portraits of people representing the noble family.

It is not forbidden to add to the interior mirror with ornate, large frame.
In order to liven up the interior, you can use flowers in pots. For example, balsam or Saintpaulia.

Features of the English interior

The most important thing that should be present in the English interior is comfort. It is valued most of all. An example of this is the fact that in every old English house there is not one wide sofa, but two medium-sized ones. This makes the room more comfortable, creates a special atmosphere during a conversation.

Another mandatory attribute that has an interior design in the English style is the emphasis on bright objects. Since the interior itself is not characterized by an abundance of bright colors, the house seems dull. To avoid this, one of the walls in the room is painted, for example, in a bright color.

Most often it is blue, red or orange. If you paint one of the walls is not possible, then use a carpet of saturated color.

The third attribute of comfort is proper storage. The British believe that the furniture should be good not only from its basic use, but also should combine a storage space. An indicator of this is the use of coffee tables, shelves with open shelves in the kitchen, bookshelves, occupying a place even in the corridor.

Materials needed to create an English interior

Talk about the location of objects better after the main stage of repair work will be completed.
Elements that characterize the classic English style are:

  • wood panelling;
  • parquet or floorboards;
  • Wallpaper with a vinyl-based flizelinovoi;
  • ceramic tiles, if the room humidity level;
  • marble or limestone for fireplace decoration;
  • expensive plain and patterned fabrics, as well as the use of leather (it is desirable that it was natural).

Color combination

Residents of English houses were inspired by the combination of natural colors. They took ideas for interior decoration from delicate roses, rural meadows, bringing pastel shades to their interiors.

There was a floral pattern on the upholstery of sofas and chairs.
In the design of the room is usually used no more than three or four colors, but exceptions may occur in rooms such as bathroom and kitchen.

How to decorate walls and floors using English style in the interior

Because of the stereotypes, almost everyone, if you mention it with the English style of the interior, think about rural decor elements, colors and boring ornament. However, designers involved in the development of this style from a professional point of view, have opposite views.

Before you start to develop the interior, designers will learn about the favorable location of flowers on the walls, ceiling, floor specifically in the English environment. As a result, it turns out that the floors should be made in dark parquet, striped Wallpaper or other, clearly distinguishable pattern. Ceilings should be of the same color and be opaque. It is desirable that they have also wooden beams or stucco.

The most important thing is the presence of contrasts. For example, dark, “rough” hornbeam walls, over which rises the ceiling of milky white.

Choice of furniture in English style

As already mentioned earlier, the true British drew inspiration from nature. Therefore, in their interior so much natural wood of different colors and shades. Use of the painted wooden panels, and also the copies blackened artificially is not forbidden.

  • As raw materials used oak, mahogany, pine.
  • The accessories decorating furniture are made of brass or steel.
  • Cushions of chairs and sofas are upholstered with fabric with patterns. Do not neglect such cute interior details as decorative pillows. They “soften” the interior, make it cozy.

Racks with screens, located in the cabinets, will show the relics of the family. Next you can put straw baskets, sets.
Do not forget the main rule of the British about convenience and comfort. All used furniture should be functional, bear its special significance.

Objects for lighting rooms, as well as decorative accessories

Unfortunately, not all the inhabitants of the cities of the world can be content only with sunlight. This is especially true of the inhabitants of England, so they sought to make your home more comfortable, adding to the space of the room ceilings with beams, fireplaces, family portraits.

Despite the fact that the British strive for the functionality of each item, they love to decorate your home accessories, especially those that are presented with meaning. Like them and flowers, both fresh and dried, which are usually in vases in the corridor.

Textiles used for upholstery, sewing curtains and blankets are selected taking into account the overall range of colors. It is worth noting that curtains and curtains, bed linen and bedspreads – all of them should have patterns, preferably floral.
Fabrics, from which textiles are produced, can be of four types: linen, cotton, Batiste and jacquard. But the main thing that they were natural.

People who want to turn their home into a real English corner, it is important to consider one rule: all the details that You will add to the interior, should not look pretentious, “planned”. Ideally, if all the interior items will look at ease.

How to decorate

As in any room, beauty, style and design create decorative elements. In order to make the room cozy, “their”, add photos on the walls, crafts with their own hands (ideal if they will be combined with the overall color scheme).
In order to make the interior unique, listen to the following tips:

  • Paint the old furniture, and then lightly walk over it with sandpaper to create the effect of antiquity.
  • Good look covers on chairs, upholstery on sofas made with their own hands. Of course, if the mistress has the skill of sewing.
  • If you hang in the hallway family pictures taken on the camera, it will make the house more comfortable.
  • Beautiful looks embroidery of beads or ribbons on the pillows.
  • To give the interior originality, make it artistic elements. For example, vases, drawing on which will be made in pastel colors, as well as tapestry panels.

Basic rules for proper design

Natural wood, patterns on textiles, heavy frames, large Windows, fluffy carpets, dark curtains, spacious stairs, marble fireplace – all these features of the English style.

  • We need to pay special attention to the fireplace. Its main feature is that the veneer is a real stone or panels of wood.
  • On the walls you can use a combination of panels, patterned Wallpaper with flowers or just stripes.
  • The floor should be covered with parquet.

The ceiling should be smooth, matte, but with stucco or beams at the edges.
Colors can be used any, as long as they were combined and had natural shades. These include brown, red, gold, orange. As a contrast color is allowed to use aquamarine, emerald and ash shades.

Textile decoration is also important. It is used for finishing Windows in the kitchen, rooms, corridors, as well as for covering pillows and sewing blankets.

For the manufacture of furniture can be used the following types of wood: oak, walnut, ash, mahogany and yew. It is important to pay attention to the appearance of furniture.

  • Look especially elegantly carved legs, painted in a light brown color.
  • For upholstery soft textiles, such as chairs and sofas, you need to use only natural materials.

Don’t forget about the rugs, the carpets, the tapestries, the chandeliers, the candle holders. The more “soft” products, it seems so cozy room. The bed should have a canopy.

What rooms will suit the use of English style

In the English style, you can decorate any room, regardless of their purpose. The most popular interior designers who brought English style to people’s apartments are Sean ward and Stephen Fillmore. In their works you can find hundreds of ideas to create your own room in the English style.

If You want to reduce the time, just type in the search engine “English interior features photos” to get visual enjoyment.

Living room

It is recommended to use antique items, i.e. Antiques. Welcome the use of coffee tables and small chairs, colored carpet, Chinese-style Cabinet to store the relics of the family.


It is allowed to paint the walls in peach color. With it will look great cabinets made of mahogany, as well as pillows with beaded embroidery on a small Ottoman.

Dining room

The accent of the whole room is a large table. A TV is placed in front of it. The room should have a sofa upholstered in jacquard, as well as a chandelier in the Italian style.

Room to sleep

In the bedroom the main thing – it’s high Windows, wide door pastel beige, as well as a wardrobe built into the wall. All these items will give the room a sense of calm. The bed should be made of wood, painted in dark brown. Needed canopy. The bedspread should combine floral patterns.


For the bathroom is perfect sink on legs, which also has a small cupboard for toiletries. The bath should be small, with high sides. Tiles on the walls should be made in ochre color.

Traditional English interior – it’s not as easy as it might seem at first glance.
And to give the room a real spirit of antiquity, visit the flea market. It sells a lot of Antiques, ranging from mirrors and vases to paintings and statues.

  • For more risky offer to buy a carpet, chair covers, as well as a canvas of tapestry.
  • After all, the main thing in this interior – comfort, convenience and versatility.
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