Curtain zoning: 20 + practical design solutions for inspiration

Fabrics play a key role in any interior, because they can completely change its appearance. As an example — curtains. They can be used not only for the usual design of windows, but also for zoning.
The curtains open with a quick, inexpensive and, importantly, an easy way to partition space. After all, even the most luxurious fabric will cost you much cheaper than any panels and decorative partitions.

The undoubted advantage of curtains is that you can do everything yourself: just choose the right color and material, as well as hang the cornices — on the ceiling or in the doorway. No need to move furniture and call experts to install screens, mirror walls or plasterboard false walls.

Curtains do not “eating” useful space: just compare the thickness of the thickest textiles with the thickness of the various walls and partitions.

Don’t you have a separate bedroom? The solution is a canopy over the bed. Do you want to visually enlarge the space? Choose light fabrics. Do you dream to change the design of the room? Enough to hang other curtains – or even remove them. No other method of zoning can boast of such ease of dismantling-and even without any noticeable consequences for the room.

In this collection — as many as 20+ ideas for inspiration, with practical tips and examples of zoning curtains for different purposes of premises: from the kitchen to the nursery.

Instead of the usual doors — mirrored, complemented by light curtains
The sleeping place on the podium is fenced off from the rest of the space with a translucent curtain

A light canopy separates the sleeping and playing areas in the children’s room

Blackout curtains separate the work area in the classic bedroom

Stylish Japanese curtains — a straight canvas with a pattern resembling a partition-separate the sleeping area from the working

Blackout curtains can be selected in interior color, and separate sleeping area

White translucent curtain helps to separate the living room from the corridor

Even when open, these bright curtains in a classic style visually divide the space of a large room

These light translucent patterned curtains easily replace the doors, separating the kitchen from the room

Thick black curtains, matching the furniture, separate the sleeping area from the living room

A great example of separating the working area from the bedroom in a teenage room

Stylish thread curtains are perfect for a bright space of the dining room: they are easily erased, well pass the light and do not weigh down the space, giving it extra ease

Curtains give a special charm to this interior in a classic style

Look, this is a great option for a Studio apartment

Curtains help to create several functional rooms from one big

Linen curtains separate the kitchen from the sleeping area in the train interior

Thick curtains as an alternative to the wardrobe: stylish, and things are not translucent

Thick curtains, if necessary, completely hide the bed from prying eyes

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