Corner kitchen design. New photos of 2019 interior

Corner kitchens are ideal for small spaces when you need to make the most of the space. The design of corner kitchens in 2019 is still as close as possible to minimalism, almost a given tone from IKEA, smooth surfaces and no pretentiousness. The right cuisine will help you get inspired to create great food. Check out these nice corner kitchen design options and find the ones you like.

Please note in this corner of the combined kitchen apron with tile flooring. Same pattern, but different materials. Since the kitchen is located in a small apartment, you can see how compact the table is used by the owners. You should also look at the open shelves, which are combined with closed cabinets. If you have a small kitchen, be sure to think about the second row of lockers. All the same place under the ceiling is not used, and so you can store there, for example, equipment.

Corner kitchen design with excellent combinations of wall cabinets and shelves. You can also notice that the yellow rectangle skillfully overshadows the window and dilutes the ubiquitous whiteness. To use the space near the wall, additional narrow cabinets were created in which you can store cups and small plates.

Almost unremarkable design corner kitchen, except for the monolithic construction of the ceiling and a combination of open and closed part. Pay attention to the built-in hood, which is completely invisible.

Scandinavian simple kitchen, which is worth noting only an apron made of decorative bricks and a huge vase, which is the final element in the entire structure.

Kitchen with two large cooking areas. Please note that the design of the kitchen is created using the rules of the triangle, which is often used in the design of the kitchen space.

The design of the corner kitchen, which uses non-standard sizes of open shelves. You may also notice that the designers have decided to use narrow tall hinged cabinets across all the top row. Place in the kitchen is enough to take some part of a few succulents.

This is a hit not only in its execution, but also in color. Shades of gray in recent years are particularly popular. In this corner kitchen has no wall cabinets. If you do not have a very large apartment, then abandoning the cabinets, you can make the room freer. Just hang a few open shelves to have a place to store plates. However in this case, all the old plates, it is better to replace. And to save space in the drawers, you can always hang the pans on the hooks on the wall.

If you always have order in the cabinets, you can put all your wine glasses and plates behind the glass. Also note how the apron harmonizes with the floor tiles, and the marble coating itself is perfectly combined with wooden details.

If you have an apartment in the attic, try to use this place with maximum benefit. Make the shelves the full width of the wall, and corner kitchen wrap so that one part is formed almost an island.

The design of the corner kitchen can easily adjust to any height differences in the apartment. In this embodiment, the kitchen is below the main area, so the designers had to wrap the table in another room, making there a low shelf.

Small rooms dictate their own rules for corner kitchens. For example, this option successfully fit into the living room, where every meter is worth its weight in gold. From the sofa you will always see part of the dining room, with the dining room, you will have a view of the living room. The usual situation for those who have Studio apartments. It is worth noting that to comply with the visual composition of the left and right side of the kitchen is symmetrical — exposed two high columns of boxes.

Corner kitchen with an interesting design solution, where a small box divides open shelves. The box is not simple, it is likely to be a hood, but that’s where it will pull, it is not clear. The rest is worth noting a good color combination-turquoise throughout the kitchen area and white

Corner kitchen, which I want to note a good solution for the design of cabinets that are from the deaf part of the room raised almost to the ceiling, and in the corner — no. In this version, the corner kitchen does not work with piles, and looks compact and its rounding as it indicates the invisible areas of the kitchen.

Another combination that uses only 2 wall Cabinet that is completely not agrmodul the kitchen, opening the place for the marsh tile, which is now in Vogue. Also note the location of the sink. If you have a window in the kitchen and you can place a kitchen near it, do not miss the opportunity. Washing dishes with a view of the city landscape or beautiful meadows is much more interesting than with a view of a concrete wall.

Bright, expressive combination of white and yellow combined with wooden surfaces. Note the separation of the area with an additional sink, which is more suitable for the toilet. To save space was made a small bar, which is additionally the third wall of the kitchen. You may notice that the second sink is separated from the refrigerator by a small partition.

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