How to make children’s room: best interior ideas 2019

Many parents face the task of creating a safe and comfortable interior of the children’s room. It should be done in such a way that the atmosphere in the room is conducive to creative processes, captivated the child with new ideas, so that it is diversified.

The article will provide ideas for the design of the children’s room, where modern designers, child psychologists and pediatricians shared their thoughts. A selection of interior projects is available to many parents, as everything can be implemented with their own hands without much effort and cost.

To design the room was attractive and spectacular, and also liked the child, you need to plan all the nuances, take into account the opinions of psychologists and color therapy specialists.

How to find a compromise and choose affordable price category, an attractive design option for a children’s room? This problem can be solved, based on the age and nature of the child, as well as his Hobbies and Hobbies.

Choice of furniture and style of children’s room

The main role in the design of the children’s room furniture plays. Parents should at the same time understand that the “apartments” of the boy will be significantly different from the “castle” of the young lady. Namely, the furniture will vary. Making repairs in the nursery, it is also necessary to take into account the opinion of the younger family members, because it will be their place of solitude.

Boys prefer furniture of “modern” style with an unusual shape of the bed, stylish table,frameless chairs. If parents can afford a little luxury in the children’s room, you can please a little man with a bed-car or a bed-ship.

This situation will add flavor to the interior of the room. In the photo below you can see the ideas for the interior of the children’s room, and new 2019 will please not only kids but also adults.

To make beautiful baby girls are also given some preference of the young talent. Little Princess will feel comfortable in a room with calm and delicate colors of Wallpaper, curtains and furniture. You can beat the situation in the style of Provence, where all the furniture and furnishings look cute, creating a little comfort.

Also cute adorable like classic style with simple shapes. After all, all the decoration of the room consists of accessories of her mistress.

Organization of a bed

Most specialists tend to ensure that in the children’s room, in addition to furniture, there was space for active games, so that the child could run, jump and jump freely, thereby spilling out the accumulated energy for the whole day. But how to do it if, in addition to the playing area, there should be a sleeping place and a training area where you can also engage in creativity.

It is important to organize a place for sports activities of the child. Plus, you need a dressing room, a place to store toys and other children’s items.

Come to the aid of the legendary and known to all parents who have small children’s rooms, a loft bed. This type of bedroom furniture will help not only in saving space and precious square meters, but also in the interesting organizational process of choosing a bed.

In addition, kids love to sleep on high bunk beds. In most cases, this is due to games. They imagine that they are in a tree house, on a flying ship or other imaginary object.

High objects in the interior of the room for children are always informative and exciting, they will never be left without attention.

This bed is good because there is a lot of free space under it, which can be adapted for different storage systems. For example, you can organize a Seating area, putting there a sofa of small size such as click-nag. This is especially true if guests often stay overnight. And you can build a play area, hanging blinds, making thereby the similarity with the tent. Kids will love it.

Sleeping places in the room for two children

With the accommodation of two children in the room, the task of parents to allocate for each specific space is complicated. Especially if the children’s room is small. Here the first thing that can come to mind is a bunk bed. But usually with the advent of such furniture, the kids begin to argue among themselves about the placement.

Especially if their age difference is not so great and both children are boys, then the dispute about who will sleep on the upper tier is secured. That it did not happen, it is possible to equip everything by means of original design, having organized a berth on the bottom tier.

For example, you can hang curtains, thereby making an area for privacy. And you can turn on the imagination and build a real house or a castle for the Princess, making doors and Windows. It is easy to make a design in the form of a rocket or a spaceship, painting the layout with bright colors, decorating it with various thematic stickers — the child will be very happy and grateful to such a creative execution.

If the room is rather big and has a large number of furniture, you can attach to the bed slide to go down it from the top tier, and not on the ladder. And you can make such a design in the form of a sports complex, where children can not only have fun, but also perform various sports exercises, training endurance and awakening love for sports.

And you can also under the lower tier to organize a storage system for sleeping accessories or toys, making drawers. With their help, you can save space for two children. Such boxes are many make their own.

To make them you will need only boards, plywood and 4 small furniture wheels.

Creating an accent wall in the children’s room

Experts believe that the design of the walls in the children’s room in bright colors is undesirable. Preference should be given to light and neutral tones. A bright accent can be identified only one of the walls in the room in the form of colorful drawings or paintings.

In the children’s room to create a bright accent can be used not only ordinary Wallpaper, but also liquid, as well as decorative plaster, wall boards and laminate. Options today abound.

You can also make an accent with the help of art painting or stencils with all kinds of applications. In the store to buy themed wall stickers with images of famous and favorite cartoon or fairy tale characters. Preference should be given to such cartoon characters who were loved by the child. This will please him and the baby will be satisfied.

For more active children accent is better to make a wall behind the headboard. Then it will not be so pronounced to attract attention, the child will be easier to tune in to sleep, it will not distract bright pictures.

Accentuate one of the walls can be even black or steel magnetic Board. This decision will serve as a field for creative fantasies. On the wall, the child will not only draw with crayons, but also hang their own paintings and various photos, attaching them with colored magnets. Perhaps even Wake up the talent of the photographer, which is also a plus in this situation.

In the future, the child himself can decorate his space with the help of personal photos. And parents ‘ feelings about the painted walls will disappear by themselves.

Wigwam, tent or place for privacy

Despite the fact that the child is intended for one child, he still needs a place where he can stay with himself, to close from all and enjoy all alone with their toys, to keep secrets with their peers.

According to psychologists, every child needs privacy.

One of the most popular places for a child is a teepee. It is a simple structure consisting of wooden sticks covered with a dense fabric. The place is absolutely safe for the child, as it is made of natural and light wood, which is very important in our time, when almost everywhere one chemistry.

And also in the fall of the teepee will not cause serious harm to children-weightless design.

When buying a teepee, you can choose the necessary coloring of the fabric, suitable for the interior of the nursery. This may be, the material similar to the curtains or bedspread on the bed. And you can also pick up with drawings of any subject, for example, with a variety of fairy-tale characters.

The second option privacy-a mini-tent. It also consists almost of fabric, but has a wire frame, which can be removed if necessary. It is suspended from the ceiling. That’s only in a room with a tension structure, it will not fit. The fabric of these tents is usually light and pastel colors, which makes it easy to fit into any interior.

This tent is more suitable for children’s girls, they love a variety of fairy tales about Oriental princesses.

Textile design for children

The main accentuating details in the interior of any room have always been considered textiles. It can be curtains on the Windows, bedspreads or bright carpets on the floor. Therefore, many designers recommend interior design to do in bright colors, so that in the future, with the help of textile design, to put bright accents in the right places. The use of this technique in the children’s room is much more practical.

Since children grow quickly and their tastes also change with age, and it is much easier to replace curtains or a blanket on the bed than to glue the Wallpaper in the whole room.

It is this version of the design baby is suitable even for newborns. For this age, it is desirable to use light and neutral shades, which in the future will contribute to rapid relaxation and restful sleep. And to focus the vision that is so necessary in infancy, you can focus on curtains or rugs, as well as a great solution is to hang a bright canopy.

Storage systems-variety of forms

With the age of the child, the question of functional and effective storage of children’s toys is increasingly raised. The older the baby gets, the less free space is left for storage. Initially, when the child is still small and toys are not so much, it is quite possible to do a couple of containers or conventional small rack.

But every year their number is growing, and this issue is quite acute for parents.

According to experts, open shelving is considered the best choice. First, they are good because there can be folded containers with both small and large items, as well as books and other accessories. Secondly, when the child grows up, and the interests and preferences will change, the contents of the containers in the future can be changed.

Open hinged shelves can also serve as a wonderful storage system. But it is important that they hang at a height accessible to the child. These shelves fit perfectly into any interior. Plus these designs that they are all available to the eye, and hence the time to find the right items is much reduced.

Such shelves can be made with their own hands without much difficulty. You will need only boards and materials for decoration, such as Wallpaper or themed stickers, and you can simply paint over the back wall with bright paint, thereby placing emphasis on the shelf. In this way you can get a unique element of the interior.

Lighting system-versatility and aesthetics

There should be plenty of light in the baby’s room. Be sure to highlight the work area. But many kids also love different garlands with colorful lights-they can be hung over the sleeping area, creating an atmosphere of celebration and good mood of the baby. In addition, it can serve as a lamp so that the child does not have to fall asleep in the dark.

teenage bedrooms with lights Medium Travertine Pillows –

Decorative elements in the children’s room

According to many parents, decorative elements in the children’s room only serve as decoration for the interior. But few people will think that, suspended from the ceiling various objects, focus the attention of the child.

And you can develop motor skills with the help of tactile sensations, touching and feeling the toys hung at the head of the bed.

Develop spatial thinking will help all sorts of drawings and stickers, carved wood and cardboard. Everything else, the child develops a craving for art and creativity, expanding aesthetic knowledge.

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