Bordeaux color in the interior – 15 photo examples

The diversity and diversity of the color palette of man is not as great as some representatives of the animal world, but still impressive. Luxurious, bright, colorful shades of the spectrum fill our lives with joy, painting it in a variety of shades.
It is interesting that the emotional range of a person, his feelings and mood can also be conveyed in colors. Who among us does not know that there are colors cold and warm, calm and acidic, pastel and bright, sad and cheerful? Today we will talk about all the diversity of the magnificent Bordeaux — the color of passion, love and great achievements.

What? Where? When?

The color of Bordeaux is a shade of red, deeper and deeper, darker and a little deeper. It can be seen by looking at a glass of red Bordeaux, or ripe raspberries, cherries or strawberries. Remember the aroma and color of the darkest beautiful roses or tulips, autumn rich foliage, all this is it, Burgundy color.

Do you want to play it yourself?
Then you will need three shades-red, blue and a drop of yellowness. If you mix them in a certain proportion (usually 3 parts red take 1 part blue and a drop of yellow), you will receive a wine’s color and ripeness — color Bordeaux.

Splendor in any form

This color is often used in the interior. It’s not too bright, but it’s not dark either. This shade of red attracts attention, but not Intrusive loudness, and restrained severity. As the color of Bordeaux emphasizes the beauty, style and scope, you will see on specific examples.

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