Bedroom and nursery in one room: 30 photo ideas

The birth of a child is a great happiness for every family. At the same time, parents are immersed in the care of how to provide their child with the most comfortable living conditions. Unfortunately, in the conditions of small apartments and lack of living space, many parents have to live with the child in the same room. But do not despair – designers today developed many ways to help make the design of the bedroom with a child in one room comfortable, stylish and practical. Today we will share these secrets with you!

Where to start?

Before starting the repair, it is necessary to consider the possibility of expanding the premises. This can be done through a balcony or loggia. It is worth considering that the full dismantling of the opening will need the permission of the relevant authorities, so it is easier to limit the demolition of the glass. The attached area must be further insulated – this applies to both the installation of thermal insulation of the walls and the installation of the battery. Now you get a couple of extra squares, which is important in a small room.

At the planning stage, it is important to clearly define where the child will be. If we are talking about a newborn crib, it is better to place it away from the window, so that excessive light does not interfere with children’s sleep in the daytime, and the occasional draft did not lead to a cold. Try to avoid the location near the crib cluttered shelves, shelves, TV panel – all this can cause serious harm to the baby. Equip the bed with a canopy – so you will provide your child a quiet comfortable stay.

When the baby is a little older, he often allocate the space for your own “little world” near the window. This is a perfectly justified move: first, there is enough light, and secondly, the children’s area is not a checkpoint, and no one will interfere with Chad to do their own thing.

In the houses of old buildings are often found niches and storerooms in the rooms. Removing the doorway, you can convert the territory of the pantry into a nursery. Replace the natural lighting helps bright lighting. Here the child will always be warm and cozy.

Zoning of the bedroom and nursery

The room, where there are two or more functional areas, needs zoning. You can separate the parent and child areas with the help of sliding screens, plasterboard partitions, curtains, furniture or the use of various finishing materials. The choice of a method depends largely on the initial size of the room and the age of the child.

When the baby is still very small and its entire territory is limited to a baby cradle, you can zone the room with the help of decoration and lighting. Paste over the wall near the crib colored Wallpaper, install a small night light. In an extreme case, you can separate the bed with a light curtain, so that the child does not interfere with the glare of the working TV.

In a small room, you can separate the children’s corner with a narrow rack, which at the same time will play the role of a storage system for books, magazines and other accessories.

In the spacious bedroom it is possible to install a decorative plasterboard partition. You can make it more functional by adding niches and shelves to the design. A good option would be glass sliding doors, especially if the child is a teenager. This will give him the opportunity to be alone, to bring a friend to visit.

If the room is long – the best way to organize space can be the arrangement of a high podium. Its internal space can be filled with drawers, which will help to avoid the installation of the Cabinet, and at the top to equip the child’s bed, recreation area, study. There is another option – in the bowels of the podium is a pull-out bed, in the stairs — boxes, and at the top – a Desk. The arrangement of the podium will create comfortable conditions for the baby, and the parents will have the rest of the room.

Комната для девушки с подиумом

Color solution

Choose a color for a multifunctional room is better from a light palette, which visually makes the room more spacious and easy. The area, which is located near the window can be decorated in warm colors, and the one that is farther – in the colder. This technique will balance the overall color of the room.

The choice of tone depends on personal preferences of households. Looks cozy beige and cream palette, green helps to create a calm, peaceful environment. Adding a little yellow or orange colors, you will greatly liven up the interior, make it more cheerful.

Style for bedroom and nursery in one room

The room will look much neater if you make it in a certain interior style. For a room in which there are several zones, it is better to stay on a minimalist direction. Light colors of gray, beige, white palette will give the room ease and comfort.

Install furniture with glossy facades, include more mirror and glass objects in the design, and the “screaming” decor should be abandoned – it is not acceptable for minimalism. Since the decoration of the walls suggests a one-color design, it is possible for a change to hang a picture or a couple of photos in a simple framework.

Interesting and attractive will look bedroom and children’s room in one room, decorated in Japanese or eco-style. These trends also support the idea of minimalism in interior design. The main “feature” here are specific pieces of furniture: for the Japanese style – sliding screens, partitions “Shoji”, squat furniture, and for eco-interior – wooden children’s bed in the form of a forest house, pleasant green and beige tones, floral motifs.

Fresh and cozy bedroom looks for parents with a child in the Scandinavian style, which has gained great popularity in recent years. Here natural finishing materials of light cold tones, wooden furniture and excellent lighting create a stunning comfortable atmosphere.

Finishing material

Materials for finishing the room parents with a child quite a lot. The choice will depend on how much you are willing to spend time, effort and financial resources for the arrangement of a comfortable interior.


The best materials for the design of the floor in the bedroom is laminate or parquet – this coating will be warm and durable. You can use a more economical option – to lay linoleum, and carpet should be abandoned, as it will collect quite a lot of dust. In addition, it is possible to arrange a floor heating system, which in winter will serve as an additional heating system.


The most decorative material for the bedroom with a child will be Wallpaper with a wide variety of materials and colors. Give preference to plain canvases, and with the help of patterns can be issued accent zones. For children’s corner, you can choose a more colorful option, it is desirable that the Wallpaper was washable or under painting.

Beautiful walls are decorated with decorative plaster. Partially you can implement a mural or faux stone. Do not oversaturate the room with a variety of textures and colors, so that the interior does not turn into a cheerful kaleidoscope.


To simplify the finishing work of the ceiling will help drywall, with which you can quickly get a perfectly flat surface. The material allows you to build stepped structures – a beautiful perimeter with hidden lighting or shaped projections indicating the zone. Also, the actual glossy and matte stretch ceilings. One of the advantages of these materials is the possibility of equipping the system of spot lighting, as well as masking communications.

How to choose furniture

Try to pick up for the room only the most necessary furniture. Of course, there can not do without beds, but you can consider options for transforming furniture. The simplest of them is a bed-sofa, which can be folded in the daytime. Also an interesting option is the wardrobe-bed, which will hide in its bowels of the bed and will be a spacious storage system.

For children’s corner will be a good choice bed-attic, where the bed is on the upper tier, and under it is a locker or Desk. For twins, you can install a bunk bed or equip a high podium with two pull-out beds.

In order not to clutter the walls with shelves, install an open rack between the territories. Wardrobe can also be located on the border of the nursery and bedroom, thus breaking the territory into zones. If the room is wide enough, you can set the wardrobe opposite the bed, and doors to hide the TV panel.

Lighting and decor

The lighting design of the bedroom and the children’s room in one room requires special attention. Here you should not skimp on lighting – no corner should be left without attention. If the child is located at the window – you can make a softer top light, and in the game and training areas — to install additional lamps.

The territory of the parents will require more light, as it plays a dominant role and is remote from the window opening. Here you can use the ceiling chandelier, install spotlights, bedside lamps or table lamps. Separately, you need to highlight the storage system, if it found a place here.

To give a cosiness to the room, to emphasize its stylish registration, it is possible to use some elements of a decor. In an empty corner you can install a flowerpot with any plant, the bed spread a soft carpet, a contrasting shade, and the walls complement the family photos or original panels. Do not overdo it with jewelry – a large number of them will lead to clutter and the already small space.

Design bedroom and nursery in one room — photo

In conclusion, we invite you to visit the photo gallery, where we have tried to collect the best examples of design bedrooms and children’s room in one room. Enjoy watching!

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