Knitted interior design – 5 ideas for home

Among the hottest trends of the season — knitted products. And both in clothes and in the interior. And this is not surprising: it is they, these cute and simple little things, create an atmosphere of softness and tangible kindness! It is with them that you feel fully good, warm and cozy. What else do you need on a rainy autumn day?

1) Grandma’s plaid

Beautiful blanket is able not only to cover and warm in the cold, but also to create an atmosphere of comfort and warmth in the room. It does not matter, vintage or ultramodern, it in any case will look advantageous in the house. After all, the blanket, on the one hand, emphasizes the beauty of new furniture, on the other — hides the shortcomings of the old.

By the way, among the most current trends — faux fur blankets.

2) Bedding set

If one blanket is not enough for you, you can swing at a stylish knitted underwear set. Agree, looks amazing!

Experiment with viscous blankets and bedding sets, well, or start at least with a knitted pillowcase. Change the pillowcases with summer prints on cozy knitted covers, which you want to touch, hug while reading your favorite book and just admire them, and you will understand the admiration of the designers of this texture. Such beauty is better to create with your own hands. There, suddenly, will enter into a rage, and you will not stop!

3) “Clothes” for teapots

His route through Wonderland Alice made in the summer. And if you imagine what would be her bizarre tea party, she went to visit the Mad Hatter in the cold season? Surely Cutlery would be dressed in knitted clothes.

Agree, the teapot in a knitted “sweater” looks at least strange! And did you know that tea in such a kettle cools down much more slowly? Everything else, this decor makes the table setting itself special, gives the interior a special touch and surprises guests.

Have you decided on? Then choose yarn for cups, teapots and spoons… It should overlap in color with other objects in the kitchen or stand out as an accent. To create a pleasant enveloping environment, you can stay on the gray and cream shades, and for color diversity is perfect red or ochre.

4) Knitted poufs

Ordinary glamorous Ottoman now no surprise. Therefore, in the autumn and winter we recommend you to buy a couple of knitted options or make such interesting interior items with your own hands. To do this, you can use the usual large yarn or choose, as an option, knitted ribbon yarn. On the Russian market it costs from 250 to 500 rubles per skein. Look and see for yourself-these puffs are suitable, paradoxically, for any kind of interior, whether it is minimalism or country style. And they look like something completely alien. They are waiting for your bedrooms, living rooms and kitchens…

5) And Wallpaper too…

Blankets, clothes, Cutlery, Ottomans… You are mistaken if you think that the flight of thought designers stopped there. Sit down, if you stand, because you have to see… knitted Wallpaper! Yes, design fantasy has managed to step over needles in the hands and on the walls of our homes. Alas, instead of knitted Wallpaper, they offer only prints. But… whether still will be!

In our article, we looked at a small part of the knitted variety that can offer you the world of the Internet and your imagination. Nothing prevents you from creating something of your own, similar or original, for top knitted motives.

We believe that they will find a tangible and sensual embodiment of comfort and warmth for any textured yarn in the house.

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