4 designer advices to design bedroom

The bedroom is an important place in the house, because here we rest and restore strength. Therefore, nothing in the interior of the room should not irritate us and upset. Stylist and designer Emily Henderson believes that in order to make the space cozy and beautiful, it is not necessary to sacrifice time, effort and a huge amount of money. Here are some tips for decorating a bedroom from her book ” Style. Thousands of tricks and tricks to design any interior”.

Pastel or monochrome gamma

“Monochrome gamma-Coco Chanel interior decor. Classic, calm, exemplary ” – said Emily Henderson. In her opinion, the ideal style for the bedroom will be “the less the better”. Use soft shades of several colors. The palette can be wide, the main thing is that no color is too Intrusive. It is better to choose a wider range of dark shades and add some light to them.


Contrast is a combination of opposite elements in one room: styles, shapes, colors of ornaments, sizes and textures. The contrast shapes the mood in the room. If it is strong, the room will become energetic and active. If low-quiet and calm. For the bedroom is better suited to the second option, it will create an atmosphere that encourages wrap up in a soft blanket and curl up. If you have only one room, it is better to experiment with contrasts in the hallway or bathroom.

Collect your favorite items

Probably, you already have everything you need to design a beautiful and comfortable room. Perfume bottles, mirror, high heel shoes, bedspreads, wacky photos that remind you of something good-inspect your apartment and collect harmonizing items together. They can decorate a bedside table or dressing table. The bedroom is a place where there should be no strangers, so the space can be very personal.

Look at the picture of a small loft-style bedroom. It looks cozy in blue, wood and brick. On the bedside tables-a few favorite books and a simple vase of flowers. At the head hangs a map of the Eastern Mediterranean, reminiscent of long trips.

“You will never regret living in a small room among your favorite things. And excesses will drive you out of yourself, ” says Emily.

Another interesting technique is to decorate the room with an interesting antique frame. It is even possible not to insert a picture: it looks elegant, without disturbing the atmosphere of tranquility with excessive details and contrasts.

Vignettes for the bedroom

A vignette is a small group of objects or furniture that reflects a person’s personality. The bedroom vignettes can be located, for example, on the bedside table.

Four vignettes for the bedroom:


The key to creating style is hidden in your jewelry box. Get rings, chains, brooches. Put them in bowls or small pallets on the nightstand. Complete the vignette with a bouquet of flowers that you like.

Novel’s plot

Place the last few books you have read on the bedside table. This little trick produces a calming effect, and you will want to lie in bed longer Saturday morning.

Engage your wits

Decorate your child’s bedroom. A simple stack of children’s books, topped with a favorite toy car, will remind of entertainment. Framed family photos are a touching reminder of your love.

Surround yourself with inspiration

Let on a bedside table there is only the most valuable: a marble casket for hours and rings, some photos from a recent trip and a round vase with flowers from a garden. Next to this vignette you will always Wake up in a good mood.

It is not necessary to glue the Wallpaper and buy new furniture. Our house doesn’t have to look like a magazine page and be in perfect order. The most important thing is that we feel ourselves in it. And to transform the space a bit, there are thousands of simple tricks and tricks.

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