10 ideas how to prepare the apartment for the appearance of the baby

Your family is about to have a baby, and there is no time for major repairs and complete interior redesign? Use these ten ideas to make your apartment comfortable and cozy for yourself and for baby.

1) first of all, take care of safety! This advice is as old as the driven snow, and as corny as captain Obvious? So why not use it? You can leave on the walls faded Wallpaper, and the Windows-the old curtains, but simply obliged to protect the furniture. Fix on the sharp corners of tables and tables special lining, set on the doors and drawers of drawers stoppers, and on the Windows — clamps) When the baby starts to crawl and then walk, all these simple devices will save him from bruises, and you — from the experiences.

2) get Rid of unnecessary items! To the cleaning process took place as easily as possible, remove the excess furniture. Think about what items you really need, and which are just “for beauty” and by and large clutter up the space.

Removed unnecessary footstools, stands for magazines and coffee table at the cottage or give it for temporary use familiar. You will be easier to wipe the dust and floors, and you will not stumble on an extra nightstand, moving around the house in such a characteristic for the newly-born parents drowsy state. In addition, when the baby grows up, he will have enough space to learn to crawl and walk.

3) Choose the right place for a baby cot! In the first year of life baby cot will be the center of your home) So it is important to install it in the right place) If you are not interested in the rules of Feng Shui, then proceed from the laws of safety: the crib should not stand in the draft, near the battery, under direct sunlight or other source of direct light, near the outlets and wires and directly at the window (especially if you live in a seismic area)) ideally it is better to place next to the bed of parents.

4) Hang tight dark curtains on the Windows of the children’s room! Newborns usually confuse the day with the night, so in order for them to sleep peacefully in the daytime, the Windows need to be properly darkened. For mom it will also be useful, because she can sleep with the baby.

5) Palate on the walls are washable! If you still have time to make a small cosmetic repairs and glue Wallpaper, choose washable items.

To make a few movements with a sponge and wash off the children’s “masterpieces”, painted on the wall with fruit puree or something else, is much easier than to explain to a half-year-old baby that it is impossible to do so.

6) Cover the floor with soft coatings! Carpets, rugs and elastic mats will make your steps noiseless, and you will be less disturbed by the sleep of your crumbs. And when the child begins to learn to walk, then fall (and in this case without falling in any way) on the soft surface will be much less painful than on the parquet or bare laminate.

7) Get a deep soft chair or rocking chair! Yes, these pieces of furniture can be bulky and expensive. However, in the first months of life the baby will now and then ask for your hands, and it is possible that you will have to rock it for hours. And, of course, it is more convenient to do sitting in a comfortable chair with a high back than on a chair or walking around the room. And if possible, place a small table next to the chair, where you can store a bottle for feeding, wet wipes or other things that you need at hand.

8) Install in the children’s room floor or table lamp or night light! If you need to get up in the middle of the night or the baby suddenly cries in a dream, you do not have to light the chandelier and thereby Wake the baby. It is enough to turn on the lamp and see what worries the child.

9) Get a portable changing Board! This is ideal if you live in a small apartment. The Board takes up much less space than a special table or dresser for swaddling, and also costs several times cheaper. In addition, it can be installed on any flat and wide surface. For example, if you already have an ordinary adult chest of drawers at home, you can put a changing Board on it, and diapers, cream and other children’s accessories are stored in boxes.

10) Choose for children’s light or pastel colors, but do not give preference to any topic! A recent study conducted by the international platform for construction and interior design Houzz, showed that Russian parents prefer to paint the walls of children in white (57% of respondents), beige (42%), green (31%), blue (26%) and gray (26%) colors. So why not learn from this experience and follow the example of experienced?

Decided to seal the children’s Wallpaper with disney princesses for girls or “Cars” for the boy? No rush! When your child grows up, it may be that he has other characters and preferences: for example, my daughter wants Wallpaper and textiles with little animals, and his son — with superheroes.

Therefore, choose for a newborn monochrome decor: curtains can eventually be hung in the room of adults, and Wallpaper paint or stick figures of those characters that will appeal to your child. By the way, according to the same study Houzz, more than half of the parents surveyed allow children to participate in the repair process. Those who prefer to choose the theme of children room`s decor, relying on their own taste, prefer, first of all, a natural theme. Other popular options are geometric shapes, animals, sea theme, transport, princesses and sports.

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